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"Robyn is a leading teacher of personal transformation and spiritual consciousness. She is highly trained and well respected amongst communities of advanced healers and she has developed her private practice to an exceptionally high standard. I have great pleasure in recommending her to everyone who is truly committed to the pathway of Conscious Awakening.”

Jayem - Author , Spiritual Teacher , Channel of Jeshua and "The Way of Mastery" ( A Course in Miracles) 


The True Awakening Retreat Australia in September was my first ever Retreat.

Whilst I endeavoured to not have any expectations, one thing I did know was that I was going to walk out of there a different person to the one who walked in. 

I was not disappointed.

Arriving at the Retreat Centre was the first of many magical experiences of the week. A truly magnificent building, exceptional grounds, comfortable and clean accommodation, beautiful food, and wonderful staff was just the start of it.

But we were here for Robyn Collin's teachings - generously sharing her knowledge from years spent on her own personal journey, so that we may be spared the struggle of such a lengthy journey ourselves.

One thing all of us at this Retreat knew, was that none of us were here on a whim, or by accident.We were all here because of a calling to find the essence of our true Soul, to be awakened, to understand our previous patterns of life and learn how to quieten ourselves, and our minds, in order to discover our inner and outer peace, learning valuable 'tools' to take forward with us into our general lives to reflect our authentic selves, and to grow further.

Robyn is so beautifully authentic, so loving, and with a true and genuine desire to assist the transformation of everyone attending her Retreat. 

What I discovered - Incredible heart-opening and challenging moments, music, dancing, reflection, silence, walking the Labyrinth - a magical moment, walking  and reflection time at the Grotto- another incredibly moving moment, and learning invaluable lessons expertly delivered in Robyn's  easy and professional style,  all culminating in a personal life-changing transformation.

When we arrived, we were a room of strangers - when we left, we were family - all with a common bond.

I highly recommend this Retreat to everyone, and I will be back to build on this next year.

Despite the name of the Retreat this year ( An Ordinary Moment) , I can tell you that this week was no Ordinary Moment for me.

Thankyou so much Robyn, and thankyou to all of my new 'family' from this Retreat."


In the past 20 years I have attended numerous retreats hoping to find answers to knowing just “Who Am I” and release any subconscious blockages allowing myself to be a fully awakened spiritual being. 
Having attend Robyns True Awakening retreat in Australia I discovered the deepest self love, joy , compassion and truth of why I am here like never before.
I can not recommend Robyns work enough , if you have been seeking the Truth and still not satisfied with your journey ...this is where all questions are answered! – Irene , Central Coast

Coralie Allen 

All throughout my 20's and 30's i have been searching for happiness and make a ‘better me’ by going to different workshops/seminars/personal development programs spending thousands of dollars along the way and always not getting what i hoped out of it. Left feeling like “that was a waste of money” One of the main reasons was at all the seminars in the past i went to there were so many people there i felt too embarrassed to get up and ask questions to do with my situation so i would sit and hope someone would ask what i needed to know and no one did so id leave feeling annoyed, and then book into something else hoping for a different outcome. 
It wasn’t until i somehow found Robyn Collins i just remember reading about one of her workshops ( Return to Soul ) and thought wow this is what i need to go too and it wasn’t even expensive considering what it was about and for a whole weekend. SO i thought id go i got nothing to lose, i was going through a relationship breakup and felt i needed to relieve myself from suffering because no breakup is fun. 
I felt so comfortable with Robyn and it wasn’t like there was hundreds of people so i felt that i could ask anything that was going on in my head and i could get answers straight away. Ive never had that before, so i found i got soo much out of her workshop. She even welcomes you to ask anything when it arises so you don’t try and over think things yourself because we do that way to much. 
I am so thankful to Robyn the way she shares her knowledge and truth is beautiful and clear and easy to understand. She is not just a mentor and an amazing woman she also has become a beautiful friend to me. I have already been to 2 of her weekend workshops now and am looking forward to her one in Bali next year. 

Coralie Allen - Sydney

A Testimonial from Mandy Farrell - Bali 2014

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the "Stillness in Motion" retreat with Robyn Collins and Darren Maxwell in Ubud, Bali. When I booked my place for the retreat, I had no real idea why I was going or exactly what I was going to, but something inside of me knew I had to be there, at that exact time and on this particular journey. Just 2 weeks prior to the retreat I had a really difficult personal situation arise that made me want to run from the world and hide until I cried all of my hurt away. In one moment I was on top of the world and the next, the world was on top of me. I focused instead on the fact that soon I would be able to get away from it all and leave my troubles behind, but I didn't realise just how much this trip would change my life.
The first few days with Robyn were heart shattering, in the best possible way. It made me question everything I have ever believed to be true and finally I had found what I had searched so long for. Inner peace, Stillness, "nothing". It was during these sessions that I was able to release the troubles of the previous few weeks and let them go completely so that I could free myself as well. The emotion I felt during this time was overwhelming but at the same time the most beautiful feeling in the world. Robyn knows how to speak directly to your soul in such a way that all you feel when you are around her is pure LOVE. She truly is such a remarkable and inspiring woman who leaves you feeling empowered and in a state of total bliss! What she taught us in that short time was more valuable than any spiritual book I've ever read.
Then the next few days were focusing on motion, the ebb and flow of life with Darren. His passion and understanding for the Shamanic way of life intrigued me and made me want to learn all I can from him. His natural psychic abilities are amazing and he teaches in a way that not only let's you think and have your own opinion on the topic but also encourages these things as it's through our own psychic awareness that these thoughts were coming through. No right or wrong, just personal interpretation. The scientific based approach that they both use really resonated well with me, more so than anything before, and it has convinced me to continue my psychic development further with Darren as my teacher.
I would highly recommend any of Robyn or Darren's retreats to every person I meet. Not only was it extremely professionally planned and executed, but it was also a place where I felt completely safe, accepted and ONE with all that attended. Thank you so much to all of my new beautiful friends for being a part of this journey with me and most of all to Darren & Robyn for taking the time to make it all possible. Love to you all xx

Layla - Sydney

Dear Robyn - True Awakening in Bali- I wanted to write you to thank you for the most enlightening experience of my life as Layla. I feel so much gratitude for the gift you have given me and others.
Already, my life has been transformed beyond likeness of the mask I wore before. It seems like magic that my relative truth is mirroring my heart too. Shackles of my thoughts of others are resolved in a forgiving loving embrace. I free others of judgement and see the love that is them…I set myself free! I am still high as a kite. I’m still riding the wave of the love that I AM. 
From the endless bottom of my heart I send you my love.
You rock!
Layla - Sydney

Peter - Singleton

True Awakening Retreat Bali 2014.
Once again Robyn has delivered on her promise of awakening your soul.
Robyn masterfully guides your soul on a powerful journey to awakening. She integrates her teachings with the individuals profound personal experiences, allowing each participant to meet and connect with their soul, resulting in a beautiful awakening of truth, love and joy. Thanks Robyn for being the gift on my journey. Blessings, Peter .

Kristen - Lithgow/Therapist

Wow! What a ride, I'm sure people are thinking who are you and is the real Kristen left somewhere in Bali???
The friendships made with so many other beautiful Souls are something that will never end. The eye opening reality of how it feels to be truly awakened is something I don't think I can put into words. I will say my gratitude to those that shared and allowed me to share with them is eternal. The power of what we achieved not only effected us but those we left at home. Finally I am free and can't wait for the rest of the adventure.Robyn Collins you are a blessing to all paths you cross. A big THANK YOU for crossing mine. Love and laughter Kristen xxx

Frances - Sydney/Teacher

Right here, right now... Hmmm.. well I'm keeping 'true confessions' for my blog but I'll just say this:

When I spoke to Robyn on the phone a week before the retreat in Bali I told her I just wanted to do more with my life but didn't know what it was. She said 'I know' (conceited I thought) and then 'Come to Bali, you'll come back a different person.' I doubted that.

I AM a totally different person and my life has changed completely. This retreat is totally transformational... TOTALLY.

There are no adequate words to describe the brilliance of Robyn Collins and the work she has been chosen to do to bring Awakening, 'True Awakening' to humanity.

If you would like to have this experience that will change your life forever 'Come to Bali' True Awakening with Robyn Collins.

Karen - Sydney/Teacher

There are absolutely no words to express the complete & profound love, truth and absolute joy that is simply & freely embodied in me & flowing through me. My life has changed forever. Thank you Robyn & all those beautiful people who took this life changing journey with me in Bali at the True Awakening Retreat , Ubud 2014. Om Shanti.

Labrini - Melbourne

 "TRUE AWAKENING RETREAT" is just as like the title says...................... The awakening experienced was extraordinary. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't reflect back on the teachings, awareness of stillness, as well as all the beautiful people I shared this journey with, 
Parts of my journey are indescribable, feelings are is felt...."It Just Is". I am ever so grateful for embracing this opportunity to grow, discover and experience ME....... The energy created "WOW". 
The energy of the spiritual retreat centre and Ubud is of pure bliss Heart felt thanks to Robyn Collins, Om Shanti beautiful lady

Dorothy - QLD

The True Awakening Retreat in Bali called to my Soul and I followed... I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made, and the experience was very profound and life-changing. Meditation, silence, satsang... my mind was saying "this is too easy", YES, I GOT THE MESSAGE... I don't have to do anything, I am already there. No more searching, and I am forever grateful to the lovely Robyn Collins for holding the space for me to allow my truth to be revealed.


Wow, wow, wow. It’s hard to find the words to describe the gifts I received from attending the True Awakening retreat in Bali. I have studied with Robyn on many occasions and it was this experience that enabled me to finally ‘get it’. I have been searching for many years and yes I’ve been told that I have everything I need already. It was this experience that enabled me to actually feel, embrace and embody that. Thank you Robyn for creating the space where I could finally be ME. I felt that this opportunity has given me permission to finally master the art of ALLOWING.

Elvera - Sydney

"Robyn has helped change my life forever…words can not express my respect, love and gratitude for her wisdom, authenticity and fun. Her teachings are profound and never been heard before in Australia .. Our Retreat to Bali was magnificant beyond words. I recommend everyone join in her message of evolutionary spiritual awakening to help heal and raise the consciousness on our earth."

Debbie - Gosford

Robyns teachings and practices allows you to immerse yourself in the place that connects you to your soul - this philosophy is life changing and I recommend these teachings for those who are seeking awakening . Travelling to Bali with Robyn in 2010 changed my life forever and I would recommend it to everyone! Robyn is a great & authentic teacher with a profound wisdom that is grounded , balanced and gentle. She reflects the direct truth within every humanbeing and comes with no spiritual traps, no special tricks , newage or dogmatic ideologies"

Peter - NSW

"Robyn masterfully guides you on your journey into discovery of your soul and the true essence of your being. Deceptively simple yet, penetrating your core, to unlocking your soul to a natural awakening. The clarity, peace, groundedness and stillness achieved from the retreat is something I have not achieved before from the other modalities I have tried. It's just the ticket to creating stillness in ones life. Pure bliss."

Wainoni - Newcastle

"After 20 years of searching, I am so grateful to say that attending Robyns workshop programs and Bali Retreat have finally bought me to total wholeness & oneness with my souls journey…now I can finally live it …and be free!"

Pam - Canberra

"The authenticity of Robyn's teachings resonate very strongly with me. She has stripped away all the esoteric trappings of modern spirituality and religions and what remains is pure bliss! I am constantly amazed at the benefits the simple practices she teachers are bringing to my life.

"As a teacher Robyn is very perceptive, using her vast experience to help her students gain a greater understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. She seems to know just when to gently guide, and also when to give you that big push you need to get you past your resistance. While my ego likes to kick and scream I just keep coming back for more as my true self can sense the truth of what Robyn is teaching!!!"