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Bali - Meditation & True Awakening Retreat  Ubud

Inana Meditation & The Awakening Process Retreat!

DOUBLE the Transformation !

Next Retreat August  9th to 15th 2025

The Inana Meditation & True Awakening Retreat Bali 2024 is a
Soul Mastery " Bootcamp"

True Awakening is about Loving What Is , Allowing, Letting go and resting in Presence

You will learn how to stay "Present" and at peace with the still and silent core of your Being even in the midst of chaos and heartache.
It is about knowing who you REALLY are.

Knowing , loving and living as your True nature that transcends above and beyond all physical limitations and boundaries
Discovering the original core of stress , anxiety , exhaustion and depression and becoming FREE forever

A deep exploration into limiting tidal waves of self disruption , sabotage, addictions , fixations and the final surrender into the ocean of eternal peace

Embracing life and relationships with radical Acceptance
The final pathway to Soul liberation - Ending the search for Enlightenment for good!

True Awakening & The Inana System DOUBLE up to be what guarantees a transformational experience of a lifetime 

The Inana System WEAVES itself through the entire program creating a deep abiding foundation of Presence , Inner Stillness and Unified Consciousness.

Booking Link $250 deposit - limited spaces available

The Program:

Day 1.
Opening Ceremony Meeting
Radical Forgiveness – An imperative beginning
Group dinner

Day 2.
Meditation and Silent Sitting - A metaphor for enlightenment
Part 1. The Human Condition & Enlightenment by the way of subtraction

Part 2. The Human Condition & Enlightenment by the way of subtraction
Self Inquiry

Day 3
Meditation and Silent Sitting - A metaphor for enlightenment
Part 1. Who AM I - The True Nature of BEing
Part 2. Who AM I - The True Nature of BEing

Day 4 ,5 & 6

Integration, Celebration, Activation, Transfiguration!
More workshops , tours, fun activities, group dinners and entertainment

Day 7.
The Embodied Wisdom

A retreat is a response to the call of the heart which beckons us towards the reality and the Truth of our Being. To come to a retreat is to commit yourself entirely to the call of the heart. Retreat is also a time of one pointed inquiry, a commitment to questioning our most cherished ideas and beliefs and to rest in true peace, presence, oneness and liberation. True Awakening is a journey of healing from the level of "Soul" where ALL challenges of life are dissolved creating full integration , embodiment and potential.

Recommended to teachers, students , therapists, business management & those with a deep inner desire to understand universal spiritual truth and the Souls purpose.

One week in Bali - is equivalent to 7-10 years on the spiritual pathway of questioning, where the answers are revealed in an instant 

Step into your direct experience and new vibration of your own divine presence.

Receive palpable transmissions of divinity everyday - return home a "new' person - an infinite being with infinite potential.

Picture yourself and likeminded spiritual friends bathing in an Emerald green Shangri-La--Earth's ultimate paradise in the magical "Island of the Gods."

As we open to the deeper experience of the cutting edge modern day integrated philosophy of eastern and western cultures presented by Australias leading edge Evolutionary Spiritual teacher and author of The Inana System and Return to Soul - Robyn Collins(BASocSc. BMSc.) , we will receive the blessings of this blissful paradise, rest, relax, refresh, and experience full conscious awakening in the healing balm of Bali.

The inhabitants of this heavenly island are the most loving and spiritual people on earth. And as we immerse ourselves in this deeply devotional culture, we will find our own slice of paradise - within our heart and soul.

On this enchanted island, civilization lives in total harmony with nature and with the supernatural, supporting you with the opportunity to strengthen, develop and immerse into your own spiritual awakening. Just breathing the air of Bali is enough to expand minds and open hearts. Here stunning beauty and profound spirituality blend to create harmony, health, and well-being. Once you experience the trans formative powers of Bali, you will never be the same.

 $2000 Share accom (twin) Earlybird by October 8th 2024
$2100 share accom (twin) Earlybird 2 by November 8th 2024
$2200 share accomomodation (twin)
$2500 Single room (limited spaces available)
$250 non refundable holding space deposit

Booking link
Limited spaces available

Experience a week of relaxation, tranquility, meditation, healing and fun. The 2024 True Awakening Bali Retreat includes :

* Accommodation
* Airport to Retreat Centre ( and return ) air conditioned tour transfers
* Group arrival or departure dinner with beautiful & dynamic traditional Balinese entertainment
* All breakfasts
* Daily "True Awakening" Meditation, philosophy, practices ,discussion & dialogue - meetings
* Experience the freedom and fun of Soul Transcend- Dance.
Transcend-dance is a map to everywhere we want to go—inner, outer, forward, back, physical, emotional, intellectual— it reconnects us to the wisdom of our bodies and unleashes movement’s dynamic healing power.Cultivate awareness, presence, and stillness through conscious movement healing.
* Day tour to Tampak Siring Water Sacred Temple participating in blessings, water cleansing (prayer) ceremony and then onto a groups buffet lunch overlooking the majestic Kintamani Volcano.
* Sound Immersion at the Pyrimids of CHI
* Group farewell celebration and dinner

Plenty free time to shop! & spoil yourself with amazing massages!

Refund Policy:
If the participant withdraws or transfers from the retreat, the following refund policy applies:


All deposits are non-refundable.


The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 60 days before the retreat start date.

50% Balance (not incl. deposit) will be refunded for cancellation 30-59 days before event.

No Refund if less than 30 days before the event.


When purchasing a retreat through our site the cancellation policy above will apply to your purchase.

Before purchasing a retreat, it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand clearly the cancellation policy

Flights not included - Please contact us before booking your flights to verify correct travel dates.

Travel insurance ESSENTIAL

About your host:

Robyn Collins BAppSocSc. Counselling Psychology, BMSc. Ministry. Author. Robyn's unique approach to workshop training, coaching and counselling individuals, couples and families is built on a broad foundation of training from traditional approaches of Western Developmental Psychology & Eastern philosophies. Her use of contemporary therapies such as Mindfulness, Existential Psychotherapy , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Self Actualisation and Transpersonal approaches of  Evolutionary Enlightenment , Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine (Reiki) allows for deep and rapid transformation restoring health , wellness and self empowerment

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