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“The Awakening Process consists of six pillars that support participants on the spiritual journey and achieve deep abiding peace and transformation. Our programs are designed to powerfully shift your worldview and uplift your approach to life by utilizing the principles and practices of integral and evolutionary psychology, scientific theory, meditation, and other spiritual practices. The six pillars are grounded spiritual philosophy, a practice to commit to, self-inquiry in the form of soul psychotherapy, and devotion in the form of praise, singing, dancing, and celebration. These pillars are the pathways to access divinity.  Awakening to Higher Consciousness stands as the paramount achievement of a human lifetime on Earth. No material wealth or personal accomplishments can rival its significance. This awakening not only elevates our own existence but also serves as a transformative beacon for all of humanity. As carriers of Light and Higher Consciousness, we contribute to the collective evolution.”

The SixPillars of Awakening


Pillar 1

The Pathway of Mastery

Timeless Wisdom - Learn from the spiritual teachings of The Pathway of Mastery, a philosophy that guides you to master your mind, body and soul.

The Inana System

Pillar 2

Meditation - Practice daily meditation, yoga and prayer with The Inana System, a direct approach method that helps you transcend multi-dimensional states of consciousness & access Divine Source -Primordial Being

Book - Ebook- Workshop & Retreats

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Pillar 3

Radical Inquiry & Loves Breath

Radical “Self” Inquiry & Soul Mentoring - Explore and heal your own psyche & soul blockages and trauma with the help of a mentor who can support you on your journey through Transcendental Soul Centred Psychotherapy & Loves Breath.

Pillar 4

Community Events & Retreats

Community - Join a community of fellow seekers who resonate with your values and vision, and expressing your devotion by engaging in retreats, workshops, singing, dancing and other forms of music such as Kirtan, chant sound circles and sacred sounds.

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Pillar 5

Energy Alignment , Reiki, Yoga ,

Self Care & Health

Pillar 6


Living Life from Gratitude , Joy,  Presence ,  Legacy & Service

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