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The Inana System
I AM Presence - Primordial Meditation

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The Inana System is a direct approach, evidence-based system for spiritual awakening, wellness & inner peace.

In 1998, after traversing many years of ancient and modern spiritual philosophies and practices, Robyn Collins experienced a mystical visitation from the spirit of Jeshua. Through his guidance came the most profound pathway of Conscious Awakening she had ever experienced, and she followed his lead with deep trust and conviction.


After a pilgrimage to Israel in 2004, Robyn received a second transmission from Jeshua where she continued to pass through and integrate multidimensional states of consciousness. She returned with the gift called “The Inana System: I AM Presence – Primordial Meditation”.


The Inana System is a direct, simple path to full conscious awakening derived from the point of Absolute Love–Consciousness. It connects us to the primordial field of the Pure Infinite Source of All that IS – aka (God) to some. The Inana System is an inner journey of blissful unfolding that gently unravels the nervous system, guides us on the pathway of surrender, transcends the illusion, descends deep into the ocean of eternal silence and rebirths us into the heart of divine ecstasy.


Participants testify to experiencing extraordinary, expanded states of Being leading to spiritual wholeness, joy, self–love, peace, presence, Oneness and freedom from stress through attaining self- realisation.


It’s time to awaken the Soul from the dream state of the ego to embody your true Self through transcendental, cosmic, God and unity consciousness.


It’s time to participate in the awakening of the evolutionary enlightenment of humanity.


The Aramaic language spoken by Jeshua translates ‘I AM’ as ‘I – I’, meaning Holy Wisdom, the small self and the greater Self in union with divine consciousness. ‘ENA NA and INANA is the idiom for I AM. The phrase ‘I AM’ signifies individual consciousness, which is traditionally followed with ‘that’, which suggests Universal Consciousness.


Together they imply ONE identity: we / each one of us / all things / all dimensions are ONE.


When your ‘I-Am-ness’ is the perfect recognition of ever-present awareness it becomes your infinite Universal Mind. This primary I-Am-ness is your transpersonal Self and is not dependent upon objects. Any object you can see is an object or ‘That’. The Inana System directs awareness to the realisation that objects and content are temporary, yet what remains is pure conscious I-Am-ness.

Inana System

Course Content:

Inana System Retreat

The Inana System "Embodiment" Retreat

Experience, Activate AND Embody the complete Inana System - I AM Presence & Shanti Christo Transmissions over a weekend intensive residential retreat. Together, we will share in a Deep Immersion into the Sacred Ground of Primordial Being where participants will tap into their sovereign Soul Wisdom of Love - Consciousness.

October  Friday 25th - Sunday 27th

Retreat cost - $550 share only includes: NDIS support available


  • 2 nights accomodation ( share)

  • 2 breakfast , 2 lunch , 2 dinners. Tea , Coffee and snacks

  • Inana Workshop

  • Loves Breath

  • SHALU - Attunement to Source/Primordial BEing

  • DNA/ Pineal Gland Activation

  • Inana Mudra

  • Shanti Christo Activation & Sound Circle

  • 4 Level Syste

  • 16 Postures


Nature walks
Silent Presence

Djembe Drum Circle with Drumbala!


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