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The Pathway of Mastery

It’s time to set yourself free from every limiting belief. You are one with the creator and your consciousness is everything. When you stand empowered as an unwavering consciousness, you enter a sanctuary of infinite love, wholeness, well being, joy, magic and infinite possibility.

The Old Paradigm is cracking and We Can All Feel The Turbulence. That’s Why It’s More Important Than EVER—Not Just for You, but for ALL of Humanity—to Raise Your Vibration, and Stand Empowered as Unwavering Consciousness. When You Do So Alongside Your Soul Family, You Help Transform the World!

The Pathway of MASTERY is a 3 tiered series of The Pathway of Enlightenment - The Pathway of Transformation & The Pathway of Knowing are ongoing weekly courses and commitment to healing and awakening. This is an invitation to us to wake up from every illusion that we have ever been separate from Source , and to remember the deepest Truth of who we are: Love embodied!



An open and willing heart 


 Opening Meditation

Powerpoint course notes

1 Hour Pathway Course Training

Weekly MP3 sound download

Weekly video recording & download

Ongoing Soul Coaching & Support

The Pathway is an ongoing intensive immersion and integration of The Inana System, Primordial Meditation, Loves Breath , Soul Psychology , Wisdom teachings and Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Warning - The Pathway of Mastery is not for the faint hearted. It is for those that are truly commitment and convicted to Spiritual AWAKENING & freedom

"The miracle of meditation is the realization that the source of everlasting peace already exists inside us".

$65 per month subscription

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