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Join us on the ULURU Shanti Christo Transmissions Lightcode Activation Pilgrimage

This is no ordinary sightseeing retreat! It is for those truly dedicated to healing the earth and humanity

"For those with ears to hear "

Shanti Christo SoundSymbol & Inana System Activations

A pilgrimage to the Heart of Australia

O-oomm… Namaha… Uluru…Shanti Christo… to open Hearts, Minds and Wombs to Welcome this Perfect Gift from God.

As we travel deep into the of Australia We will Co-Create with the Masters of The Lineage of Christ an Amplified field experience of shamanic proportions…

through the Power of the Word and the depth of our Devotion to Divine Mother

We’ll bring healing of the Heart as we walk with one another on sacred earth,

as we Bless from the Heart of Christ in us the land beneath our feet.

We’ll Gift three Shanti Christo Amulets,

one to the earth,

one to a tree or body of water and

one to a very particular One we’ll meet along the Way…

Every day contains deep immersions into Presence and the Sacred Shanti Christo Transmissions of the SoundSymbol with Ori Ana & The Inana System with Shantari.

This is the curriculum, come join us for this momentous occasion, this Pilgrimage, this Grace …

$2,980 5 days (4 nights accommodation)

$250 booking deposit

Registration booking link


Daily Inana System Meditation & SoundSymbol Activations

Day 1 

Arrival Day, Uluru

Arrive at Ayers Rock Airport

Kata Tjuta

Uluru Sunset
O/N Yulara, Exclusive Camp

Day 2 
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Uluru sunrise, followed by base walk
Cultural Centre
Drive to Kings Creek Station
O/N Kings Creek Station exclusive camp

Day 3
 Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon Rim WalkDrive to camp near Wes MacDonnell Ranges -

Day 4 
Western MacDonnell Ranges 
Ormiston Pound walk 3hrs (weather permitting) - Subject for change for non walkers
Mt Sonder Look-out
Redbank Gorge or Glen Helen Gorge (Finke River) - pending rain and access

Final evening stay at Alice Springs Motel

Day 5 

This itinerary includes:

Experienced guides
All relevant permits
Overland air conditioned truck/bus
Uluru & Kata Tjuta NP fees
Snacks/refreshments and drinking water
Exclusive camps and swags

This itinerary does NOT include airfare or final night dinner cost.