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EMPOWER Balance and Heal the Mind, Body and Soul with the Tibetan Reiki Grand Masters power symbol enhanced vibrational frequency attunement seminar

The Tibetan Usui Reiki Grandmasters is about anchoring deep awakened consciousness into BEing. It is an activation and transmission for the Soul...not merely an energy attunement. 

About your host:
Robyn Collins BAppSocSc. Tibetan Usui Reik GRAND Master/Teacher ( 24 years ), Japanese Usui Master, Seichem Master. Counselling Psychology, BMSc. Ministry. Author.

In 2012 Robyn was visited by the spirit of her Tibetan Grand Master who asked her to teach the Grand Masters Power Symbols to ALL Reiki initiates of all and any lineage for the modern age of spiritual consciousness.
He explained to her that Reiki Mastership is no longer received in the sacred tradition like in the past due to modern world technology, media and the internet. That humanity is missing out on continuing to learn the wisdom of these ancient sacred geometric symbols and their extremely powerful healing transmissions.

In our lives every activity, event, birth ,life, and death that occurs in a particular place leaves behind a vibrational residue which is imprinted into the subconscious and cellular memory of every human being. This imprinted memory is responsible for everything we veil and interpret our life through in the natural world. These imprints are stored in the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies.

Reiki healing works by merging with pure consciousness, connecting with participants energy field and energetically directing all energetic and Soul imprints into the field of eternal love , freedom and our True Nature of BEing.

In this one day seminar you will be directly and deeply immersed in the healing energy of 21 Reiki Symbols from the traditional Usui Masters teachings and from sacred texts discovered by a Tibetan Nun in remote monasteries in Tibet.

The extra symbols given in THIS lineage are used to enhance the energy by the Master to the student and now from all new students to community.

Level One , Preferably Level 2 OR Masters - any Reiki lineage
The TIBETAN Lineage History:

American Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Denise Da Tanya worked with the Dalai Lama while travelling in Tibet and was initiated with symbols by Su Leoung ( Buddhist monk) who was know as "The Keeper of the Seals". In 1965 she was attuned to Usui Reiki by Hawayo Takata but since she did not follow Takata's rule of charging $10,000 for Mastership, her name does not appear in Takata's list of Reiki masters. In 1984 Denise attuned Buddhist Sanyasin Russell Carlon also a follower of Tibetan Buddhism & the Dalai Lama.

In 1994 - 95 Robyn Collins received level One and Two Reiki training with Russel. She continued on with her Grand Masters Degree training and final initiation in 1998. Russell passed away shortly after attuning Robyn in 1999. Robyn has 18 years experience as a Tibetan Usui Reiki Grand Master with up to 2500 initiates from 1998-2006

Workshops Australia Wide
$200 OR $170 Earlybird
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Host a workshop at your space , attend  workshop for FREE and receive $20 per head after first 10 bookings. 

PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a Reiki Masters Certification. It is attunement only and doesnt give permission for  participants to use the label of "Reiki Master" nor to teach as a Reiki Master.

Workshop includes:

Tibetan Sacred Space Clearing
The Heart Activation transmission 
Includes manual
Grand Masters Attunement
Attendance Certificate

2022 Coming Soon
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About your host:
Robyn Collins BAppSocSc. Counselling Psychology, Transpersonal Psychotherapy. BMSc. Ministry. Author. Robyn's unique approach to workshop training, coaching and counseling individuals, couples and families is built on a broad foundation of training from traditional approaches of Western Developmental Psychology & Eastern philosophies. Her use of contemporary therapies such as Mindfulness, Existential Psychotherapy , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Self Actualisation and Transpersonal approaches of Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine (Reiki) allows for deep and rapid transformation restoring health , wellness and self empowerment. Training: Australian College of Applied Psychology - Monash University. ACA member and NDIS provider.


An amazing day great bunch of people. Thankyou Robyn, You are so special to give us your gift so do we can do better with our journeys. Carol Reiki Master

Grandmasters Symbol Workshop <3 Love your authenticity Robyn Collins- I can't thank you enough, absolute Gratitude as I sit in silence heart is full <3 Cheryl Reiki Master - Gosford

Today Robyn Collins shared Tibetan Reiki Grandmasters Power Symbol Workshop with all of us.... I am Grateful for the teachings & also being surrounded by like minded souls .. As we learn we grow, as we connect we share...I choose Peace & I choose service...<3

Thank you Robyn Collins and the amazing group for a very enjoyable day 🙏 Kim - Gosford

What an awesome day! Thank you for facilitating Robyn, grateful 🙏🏼

Thank you Robyn Collins amazing group, amazing training. Enjoyed my day.... love light & blessings 💞

Thank you Robyn it was a fantastic day full of energy and was a pleasure meeting wonderful people, was amazing .. I feel so light and clear, thank you xxx

Feeling so activated! An amazing day facilitated by Robyn Collins at her Tibetan Reiki Master symbols course. Just look at this shiny class 😁

Thankyou for a wonderful seminar today wonderful people amazing teacher lovely location I fully recommend to everyone Robyn has amazing knowledge and energy and makes you feel not like a student but part of a group will see you again soon my lovelies. Laura

A big thank you Robyn for such am uplifting workshop like nothing I have attended before! you are so switched on and the energy you give out, is both surreal , yet electrifying , you are a walking energy of natural knowledge, that is easy to understand. 😘 - Ange

" Wow! The Tibetan Usui Reiki Grandmasters workshop was completely PROFOUND. I have never experienced the depth of Soul Activation as I have through these ancient transmissions. I feel like I have reconnected to the pure source of Love consciousness that is the True purpose of my souls Being on earth " - Claire , Melbourne

Thank you Robyn Collins your teaching is full of amazing energy that help us all work thru the class at a great pace and get everything we need of your teaching with eased, thank you to you and everyone, I meet great people with beautiful heart and lots of love xxx Miriam

"Robyn is a wonderful teacher, her open, honest approach, sense of humor & passion for life is inspirational. Knowledge is power & true connection makes the world go round. The Tibetan Reiki Power Symbols Seminar has it all. Such a worthwhile learning for your personal journey and a treasure trove of gems to support your work in the community. I feel like this is just the beginning - stay tuned... Thank you Robyn Collins & thank you to our group for holding such a sacred space for learning & healing. "
Love & Blessings Daniella Newcastle

"The difference in this workshop as opposed to others was the fact that we were literally attuning ourselves to these symbols. I found the process liberating and extremely empowering to "step into the symbol". Many confirmations, much respect, clarity and purpose in Robyn's sharing, I am feeling grateful and blessed. My cup is full and I now have the tools and skills to keep it full so that I can continue to serve and help the shift." Taijah - Newcastle

"Such an amazing day. It's hard to put into words the power of this transmission, I'm just buzzing." - Courtney - Newcastle

Robyn is amazing and her Tibetan Grand Masters Seminar was empowering and unlike any Reiki attunement I've experienced. She teaches with clarity, honesty, humour and a depth of wisdom that is out of this world! I feel so honoured to have been gifted with these symbols, and also to have shared sacred space with such beautiful, nurturing and supportive souls. It is only one day since we "stepped into" these symbols and already I know they are unlocking doors and working their healing within me. Thankyou Robyn and thank you to everyone in our group 🙏🦋 The work continues! How lucky we are to be connected on this journey. Endless love and blessings - Victoria - Gosford

The Tibetan Reiki Grandmaster Power Symbols workshop is a treasure! It was wonderful to learn more symbols and their meanings Robyn is a wonderful caring, sharing and funny lady and has taught us all so much. - Marilyn - Newcastle

The difference in this workshop as opposed to others was the fact that we were literally attuning ourselves to these symbols. I found the process liberating and extremely empowering to "step into the symbol". Many confirmations, much respect, clarity and purpose in Robyn's sharing, I am feeling grateful and blessed. My cup is full and I now have the tools and skills to keep it full so that I can continue to serve and help the shift.  Taijah - Newcastle

Such a wonderful day! Would do it 10,000 times over! Robyn Collins your an absolute gem - thank you so much - Naomi - Newcastle

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