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Level One - 2 Day Intensive Workshop

Traditional Usui Reiki history

  • 8 Tibetan and Universal Reiki Symbols
  • Sacred Space clearing
  • Energy Centre (Chakra) balance for client
  • Self Chakra cleansing
  • Chakra Reading - Spirit guide communication
  • Energy field ( Aura) Alignment
  • Full body hands on healing training and sessions
  • Philosophy of evolutionary healing
  • Activated Power Crystals
  • Attunements
  • Enlightenment Transmission 
  • Meditations
  • Manual
  • Certificate

    AND - Fun!

Balance the Mind, Body and Soul with Reiki

Reiki is a vibrational or subtle energy therapy believed to balance the human body’s biofield and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki is a Japanese word interpreted as “spiritual consciousness coupled with the universal life force.” This life force, or “qi,” may become disrupted within the human body, causing an imbalance on the spiritual or emotional level and progressing to dysfunctional patterns of energy that may lead to histological disease.

Reiki is also a philosophy of living, stating that all living things are interconnected. Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into these negative energy patterns of the human biofield and charges them with positive energy, elevating the vibratory level in and around the physical body . It strengthens energy path ways, or meridians s, and clears energy centres known in Eastern medicine as ‘chakras’ to facilitate healing in a natural way
Reiki restores energy balance and vitality throughout the body’s subtle energy system that is blocked by stress or negative emotion . 

The medical diagnosis that describes this biofield dynamic is “Disturbed Energy Field” disruption in the flow of energy surrounding a person’s being that results in a disharmony of the body, mind, and/or spirit”. It is essential that all people in the wellness and health industry for eg: parents, carers, human service workers ,nurses and therapists support the physical, mental , emotional AND spiritual dimensions of healing.
Reiki is learned in sequential levels.

There is a level of initiation, or attunement, where a Reiki master passes on Reiki vibrational energy to the student. This is believed to make the student more sensitive to the biofield energy variations; it is relevant to basic self-care and easily incorporated into one’s lifestyle. This intentional compassionate practice is “soothing, nurturing, and restoring”.

After receiving your Reiki attunement , you will go through a minimum 21 days chakra cleansing and healing. The attunements will release and clear major obstacles in your life: deeply grounding your connection with mother earth and community, enhancing sexuality & relationships , self empowerment, opening the heart of love and compassion, self expression and creativity, psychic abilities and OPENING a grander connection with the divine! Get ready for a dramatic and AWEsome spiritual life changing experience.

The Tibetan Reiki Lineage

American Tiibetan Buddhist Nun, Denise Da Tanya worked with the Dalai Lama while travelling in Tibet and was initiated with symbols by Su Leoung ( Buddhist monk) who was know as "The Keeper of the Seals". 

In 1965 she was attuned to Usui Reiki by Hawayo Takata but since she did not follow Takata's rule of charging $10,00 for Mastership, her name does not appear in Takata's list of Reiki masters. In 1984 Denise attuned Buddhist Sanyasin Russell Carlon also a follower of Tibetan Buddhism & the Dalai Lama.

In 1994 - 95 Robyn Collins received level One and Two Reiki training with Russel. She continued on with her Grand Masters Degree training and final initiation in 1998. Russel passed away shortly after attuning Robyn in 1999. Robyn has 28 years experience as a Tibetan Usui Reiki Grand Master with up to 3500 initiates from 1998-2022

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Umina Beach NSW

$250 - 2 days BYO lunch
$50 non refundable deposit

NEXT Weekend Workshop 
October 1st & 2nd 2022

Also available at this seminar will be beautiful products to enhance and empower your Reiki healing and psychic development :

Sacred Space Clearing packs
Chakra Healing Crystal sets
Tibetan Bells
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Chakra reading Pendulums
Return to Soul Book
Sacred Soul Cds
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"After experiencing 20 years in Reiki training with many different teachers, nothing came close to the amazing energy of the Tibetan Reiki Teachings and Robyns profound insight into the evolutionary movement of healing in todays society. I have never heard the Reiki message explained this way before and I am so grateful for coming across Robyn's teachings". Janet Evans, Perth.

About your host:
Robyn Collins BAppSocSc. Counselling Psychology, BMSc. Ministry. Author. Grand Reiki Master.
Also trained in - ReConnections , Theta Healing , HEALY , Sound Therapy , and Spiritual Surgery.

Robyn's unique approach to workshop training, coaching and counselling individuals, couples and families is built on a broad foundation of training from traditional approaches of Western Developmental Psychology & Eastern philosophies. Her use of contemporary therapies such as Mindfulness, Existential Psychotherapy , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Self Actualisation and Transpersonal approaches of Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine (Reiki) allows for deep and rapid transformation restoring health , wellness and self empowerment.