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There is an awakening gently emerging within humanity, a deep unrest stirring within the souls of many - truth is being revealed to those who seek it..
Do you have a deep longing for something MORE in life?
 Do you ever wonder what might be holding you back from standing in your power?
 Are you being called towards healing and awakening from a larger worldview capacity ?
 Are you sensing a driving impulse and passion to experience a greater , grander and more magnificant version of your Self? 

Are you ready to:

  • Live a new story beyond old limitations into new possibilites? 
  • Create your Souls destiny? 
  • Expand and develop your capacities?
  • Become a transformational co creative agent !
  • Unlock your power?
  • Transcend your limiting beliefs and comfort zones?
  • Connect to your True Self to attain higher possibilites?
  • Express your gifts and creativity?  
  • LOVE FIERCLY and unapologetically 
  • Unleash your Souls Calling!
  • Live in the flow of grace and ease?
  • Enhance your confidence and creativity?
  • Prosper in unlimited abundance?
  • Influence others ?

The Truth Awakening is a platform for Conscious Community and Awakening Souls created by Shane McLeay and Robyn Collins out of their sincere passion to heartful service and the awakening of humanity. From personal life experiences they share The Truth Awakening " Fierce Love "  Australian and Internation Tour which is a passionate call for radical change through courage , loving kindness and compassion. Together they will equip you with the tools to seek transformational change from within and spread that change among family, friends, communities and the wider world, like ripples on a pond.

About Shane

Shane McLeay is an initiated Shaman ( By Medicine Crow) , a two time best selling author, mentor, spiritual teacher, and thought leader. His work is all about helping people transition into empowerment, enabling them to live life on their terms.
Shane has worked with an Academy Award Winner, authors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, business leaders and everyday individuals who simply want to move out of the rut and into a purpose driven life. Shane is renowned for delivering results where others have simply failed.
By applying sacred shamanic teachings and disciplines from around the world, Shane comes from this very unique perspective delivering intuitive insight with an energetic edge that delivers personal empowerment and results.
Shane now works with individuals, corporate leaders and their teams helping individuals live their best lives with tools and techniques he has learned and practiced over the decades.

You can read more about Shane - HERE 

About Robyn:

Robyn Collins BAppSocSc., BMSc,.is an Australian spiritual teacher whose assists humanity in the simple discovery of Presence and Awakening
Robyn is the author of “Return to Soul, producer of “Sacred Soul CD’s” and creator of The Primordial Meditation Process - Transcendental, Cosmic, God and Unified Consciousness .
She is an Australian and international spiritual seminar and retreat facilitator and professional Soul Psychologist. Robyn has been playfully labelled by her community of students and friends as the “Soul Whisperer”.
She received this due to her ability to deeply penetrate the core of the souls Being through direct transmissions of her words and presence of pure, silent, aware, love consciousness. Robyn gentle reminds us of the truth of eternal and ever-present peace that is buried under the myriad of layers gathered by many in the search for freedom and stillness within.

You can read more about Robyn HERE

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                               Truth Awakening Panel and Guests 

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The Truth Awakening - ULURU Desert Spirit Retreat 2023 TBA

The Truth Awakening - LIVE and in person Tour 2 hr Conferences

On the Road....2 hour conference presenting Spiritual Leaders, mentors, coaches , teachers, healers and authors. Shane , Robyn and their guests will share stories and insights that will assist you with tools for rapid transformations in all areas of your life - Business, Relationships , Health , Wellness & Spirituality.

This 2 hr conference is for those who are truly committed to taking their lives to the next level. Going beyond self-discovery and awareness. You will access your own personal inner power and self-worth to create and achieve your intended extraordinary results as you renew your passion for relationships and the freedom life offers.

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The Truth Awakening - The Art of Letting Go Seminar

If we let go a little, we have a little peace.  If we let go a lot, we have a lot of peace,  If we let go completely, we have complete peace.
                                                                                                                                       —Ajahn Chah

The Truth Awakening - Energetic Healing

The Truth Awakening - Unlock your Destin

The Truth Awakening - Running on Empty - Soul Recovery


A Soul Contract Reading is designed to connect with your “Higher Consciousness”, the essence of who you really are as a spiritual being, your purpose and your souls pathway.

Soul readings can be an excellent way to gain some perspective, almost like taking an “aerial” view – an overview of a particular situation, set of conditions or life patterns. A reading helps you to identify what is influencing your success, and what you can do about it.

Too often we find ourselves defined, and thus limited, by the circumstances of daily life. Soul readings explore the spiritual purpose behind everyday experiences, reflecting your life path back to you from a higher perspective.

Soul readings are for those individuals who wish to undertake or have a deeper understanding of 'Self' & Soul. The purpose of these readings are to take you from where you are now to where you wish to go, by understanding the depths of the inner Soul and its presence and purpose in your life, and thus you can begin to work in harmony & partnership with your Soul, to support your life's Universal and Physical destiny.

Soul readings present direct and clear guidance required for the awakening, inner peace , love , joy and success of your Souls pathway. A Soul reading will help you see the patterns that are occurring in your life and assist in bringing clarity to questions and situations.
Soul readings show you what actions are required in order to manifest change and resolution. Soul readings are presented through the means of connection with your own higher self and divine consciousness.

Learn how to change past life habits, strengthen future healing abilities, notice external energies that distract you from achieving goals and receive spiritual guidance

* Gain clarity, insight and direction
* Highlight areas that need attention and change
* Find peace of mind free from anxiety, fear or stress
* ReConnect with your personal truth

What has your Soul come to address?
What has been your Souls past life pattern?
What is the next step on your Souls path?
What are the obstacles on your souls path?

Robyn and Shane offer phone, zoom or face to face Soul Contract Readings and Coaching 
Bookings at 
$140 per hour single booking with your choice or $200 - 1hr with Shane and 1hr with Robyn 

"Thank you for an amazing and insightful Soul Reading today. It helped me put all the pieces together and get clarity as to my direction in my spiritual editing and writing business. It also taught me to trust in my intuition as I had known some of the things you picked up - but I hadn't put it all together! You provided the divine strings of clarity to bring those little hints and pictures from the universe I had gained (in the form of feelings, thoughts and experiences) together into a clearer, deeper picture .. with definitely new insights! I'm so excited for the future. Thank you again for your spiritual yet very practical advice! Time to take those steps"  Blessings. Wendy & Words​