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The Pathway of Enlightenment & Primordial Meditation - A Course in Mastery!

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The Pathway is an ongoing intensive immersion and integration of Primordial  Meditation, Loves Breath , Soul Psychology , Wisdom teachings and Evolutionary Enlightenment.The teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment is about the profound awakening to evolutionarily enlightened consciousness and its manifestation and expression in the world and an ongoing Pathway and commitment to healing and awakening.

"The miracle of meditation is the realization that the source of everlasting peace already exists inside us".

This is an invitation to us to wake up from every illusion that we have ever been separate from Source , and to remember the deepest Truth of who we are: Love embodied!

LIVE GROUPS at Umina Beach NSW And on ZOOM!

The origin of the Pathway of Enlightenment &  The Inana System - I AM Presence Primordial Meditation 

In 1999 , Jeshua also first appeared to Robyn in a field of light where he guided her on an out of body experience through out all of existence before returning before her , flooding her in all encompassing golden light from his heart and declaring his return to her again in the near future.  In her reluctance to accept the vision and his communication she disregarded the phenomenon until one year later. 

USA - In 1987, Jeshua first appeared to Jayem in a field of Light -  “ his eyes seemed to pour right through me and I felt like I was dissolving into them, into those incredibly peaceful eyes." Over a period of nearly two years Jeshua appeared many times and gave him ‘dictation’ that became the Pathway of Enlightenment – Way of Mastery Trilogy.

In 2000, nearly one year to the day of her first visit from Jeshua she was guided to attend a conference where she met Jayem. In total dismay Robyn realized that both hers and Jayems stories where more than coincidence. With deep relief and curiosity she continued to pursue her guidance realising that the ‘return’ he spoke of was to sit with Jayem where her training in the Pathway of Enlightenment preceded all that had passed before her.  

The following 20+ years have been an immersion into and on the Pathway of Enlightenment where Robyn became a senior student , study group facilitator , self inquiry & (Loves) breath therapist under the ongoing supervision of the channel of The Way of Mastery Teachings – Jayem , with extended study and training in Evolutionary Enlightenment with Andrew Cohen and qualifications in Metaphysical Science, Applied Social Science specialising in Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Spiritual Emergence and Crisis and Trauma psychology.

In 2007 after a pilgrimage to Isreal Robyn returned to Australia and received a 3rd transmission from Jeshua where he shared with her the vision and teachings of Primordial Meditation ready to assist humanity in the Evolutionary Awakening Process for Earth from 2020

2008 to 2020 has been 12 years of intense and direct channeled communion and guidance with Jeshua where she presents the integration of the Pathway of Enlightenment and Primordial Meditation "living practice" for full Embodiment of Divine Presence.

BOTH The Pathway of Enlightenment and Primordial Meditation require a deep and deliberate IMMERSION with a direct focus on truly anchoring, embodying , living, breathing, and mastering the process exercises and axioms.

Robyn presents fun and gentle guidance that supports the wisdom, transmission and alchemy of each lesson and "inner postures' for awakening.

‘Anyone desiring to deepen their journey of enlightenment, or simply tired enough of suffering to want to change it into wonder and joy, will benefit greatly from Robyn’s wonderful work emerging from her own very genuine journey of discovery.’
~Jayem, Way of Mastery.

* A Course In Miracles was dictated to Helen Schucman by Jesus between 1965 and 1972 [1]. She, along with William Thetford, who transcribed her notes, assembled a manuscript, which was published in 1976

* The Way Of Mastery was given by Jeshua (Jesus’ name in His primary language during incarnation) to Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer) from 1987 to 1995.

*  The Inana System - I AM Presence - Primordial Meditation was given by transmission by Jeshua to Robyn Collins 2007 – first edition 2017, second edition 2022

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