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A Direct Approach ,  Evidence - Based System for Spiritual Awakening , Wellness & Inner Peace

"The Inana System - I AM Presence - Primordial Meditation is an inner journey of blissful unfolding through the subtle dimensions of consciousness. It gently unravels the nervous system, transcends the illusion, guides us on the pathway of surrender , transcends the illusion, descends deep into the ocean of eternal silence and rebirths us into the heart of divine ecstasy" - Robyn

The Inana System

Learn powerful and direct approaches of Soul Activation & Awakening Transmissions through Multi - dimensional vibration frequencies of Sound , Light , Mudra , Mantra, Meditation, Silence and Presence.

In addition to The Inana System - I AM Presence Primordial Meditation Practice ...You’ll also explore:

* The unlimited power of the "Witnessing Aware Observer" - Your I AM Presence.
* LOVES BREATH : a practice that involves breathing into the lower belly as a gateway into the experience of Presence.
* Pineal Gland and the Seven Energy Centres/ Chakra Activation.
* "Mudras" to evoke in the mind ideas symbolizing divine powers and alignment with source.
* Sixteen transformational Inana I AM Presence 'inner postures' for activating, anchoring and embodying Unified Multidimensional Consciousness.
* The Inana System quantitative researched "Gamma" brainwave evidence.
* Step by step integration practices for developing Primordial Mastery
This online course is a deep dive into learning about Primordial Presence—and most essentially , discovering Presence in your own experience.

The Inana System is the Pathway of Inner Peace - Happiness - Effortlessness - Grace and Liberation. It is transcendental meditation system in 4 Levels each with 4 Parts called " Inner Postures". The Inana System heals subconscious and cellular trauma created from human conditioning and collective (un) consciousness. It is a gentle practice that directs awareness inward to observe the mind and inner and outer distractions and effortlessly brings the mind within to the source of all thought, the state of pure Being or pure consciousness.

The Inana System is a direct evolutionary transmission that awakens and transcends the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness. The first four postures are pure expressions of unconditional love, that gently but rapidly take the mind beyond the constant chatter of the intellect, into the direct experience of love-consciousness. They are extremely powerful, but at the same time very simple, easy to learn and to use. The Inana System is so much more than just a meditation practice, it heals the mind , body and soul at the deepest core level of existence.

The focus of my teaching is the realisation of who and what you are as a Soul, that is, a spiritual being (absolute reality) having a human experience (relative reality). It is about awakening from the mis-perceived relative state of separateness to the Absolute reality of the One Source. In short, my teaching is focused enlightenment.

“Those who aspire to the state of yoga should seek the Self in inner solitude through meditation. With body and mind controlled they should constantly practise one-pointedness, free from expectations and attachment to material possessions.”

~ Bhagavad Gita

This course is a deep dive into learning about The Inana System: – Primordial Presence, and most essentially, discovering Presence in your own experience. You’ll explore:

● Evidence of The Inana System on gamma brainwaves through quantitative research

Sixteen (16) transformational inner postures for embodying Unified Multidimensional Consciousness.

● Step-by-step integration practices for developing The Inana System:

I AM Presence – Primordial Mastery.

The Inana System, a direct pathway to awakening and transcendental consciousness, is a completely contemporary approach to connecting with

your higher self, for soul-to-soul connection and for spiritual development. The Inana System is a simple evidence based meditative practice for directing the attention away from the ego mind to the source of conscious awareness, inner silence and presence.

As it is only ‘pointing’ attention away from stressful thoughts and beliefs, it is simply a pathway to the goal of attaining self-realisation or full conscious awakening. It is not associated with any spiritual path or religious organisation.

The Inana System is a guided practice that awakens and transcends the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness:

  • The Physical aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as the

expression of love and compassion for itself and humanity.

The Cosmic aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens

as universal intelligence and the creative force of grandeur and


The Pure Infinite source of Self as soul consciousness awakens as

radiant divine bliss, the ground of being, the highest source of pure

eternal emptiness and Is-ness.

Experience the full integration and unification of all dimensions as One

non-dual reality.

The Inana System supports all dimensions of healing in the maintenance of:

● mental wellness

stress reduction and management

● relationship and health improvement

● self-empowerment

● spiritual awakening

● inner peace.

The Inana System opens you up to realms of higher consciousness and self-awareness that you’ve only read about. When you develop a regular meditation practice, you will quickly notice mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. You’ll feel calmer and more centred, no matter how

turbulent your world gets.

In ancient yoga practices, the sitting posture is called an ‘Asana’, meaning to be seated in a firm but relaxed position. In The Inana System we rest in an ‘inner asana’ or what I call an ‘inner posture’, meaning that we bring our attention within to a meditative posture of presence and awareness.

Since an inner asana is not a physically seated position, it can be practise anywhere as long as it is relaxed and done with intention.

Each inner posture is practised with simple statements/English mantras,  recited in silence, that represent a vibrational aspect of source consciousness

and bring us in union with that source. Each statement opens the heart and aligns the mind, body and soul to the vibrational healing energy and presence

of infinite love-consciousness, unity and pure spirit. With intention and commitment to practice, they maintain unceasing stability and inner stillness.

Attention on the inner posture is simple and only requires the ability to gently bring one’s focus beneath the stream of thoughts, following the

breath within to the belly and then resting in the heart space.

Level One: Postures One, Two, Three and Four

The first level of The Inana System is to practise four ‘postures’ that direct awareness to the healing space and source of the heart of human love and compassion. They are four simple statements that align the mind, body and soul to the healing energy and presence of infinite love-consciousness, unity and

pure spirit—the foundation from which all of creation arose and continues to be birthed in every moment.

Level One clarifies the relationship of the individual with human existence and is established in the ongoing practice of harmlessness and compassion. As the body decreases in stress and the mind increases in clarity from regular practice, the soul’s desire will naturally grow to learn ever more powerful and subtle techniques taught in the advanced The Inana System levels. Each technique is greater than the preceding, with each posture being subtler and more powerful than the one before. They make a spiral of increasing experience, perception, wisdom, knowledge and freedom.

Level Two: Postures Five, Six, Seven and Eight

Level Two of The Inana System creates a refined level of witnessing, the hallmark of perpetual consciousness, and assists in the development of the celestial perception of exalted consciousness. 

Posture Five begins to awaken the higher function of one’s cosmic consciousness, which surrounds and

permeates our universe. It is also a powerful tool for the development of the highest degree of human enlightenment—Unity Consciousness.

Posture Six is designed to facilitate the movement of Awareness, so vital for the development of Unity. It is designed to remove the last of the separation between the individual and the universe.

Posture Seven directs awareness to Universal Conscious Awareness, the See-er of creation, the driving impulse of the cosmos. When consciousness

is focused on the Universal Intelligence, it is free from the limitations of humanistic limitations and suffering.

Posture Eight establishes peace with all of relative creation, further stabilising harmlessness. It also has the effect of confirming the most important

relationship of the individual with the Source of All that Is; the limited self surrenders to the Infinite. This posture has the effect of stabilising the only correct relationship with the True Nature of Being. This naturally results in a much faster rate of progress.

Level Three to Four: Postures Nine to Sixteen

The ninth to sixteenth practices stabilise direct communion with Divinity. They are the applications for complete mastery and enlightenment. In

Levels Three and Four we will learn how to move beyond our third dimensional human self that embodies the attributes of Praise, Gratitude, Love

and Compassion and the Cosmic Self, which is at One with the Sun, the Earth, the Universe and the boundless Peace of the Cosmos, into the fourth

dimension of Light and Soul. Then we move beyond, into the unified field of the fifth dimension—no-thing, no-where, no-one, no time—where we become one with the creative principle; where all possibilities exist to break free from the limiting habits, programs and patterns from past con￾ditioning to create a future life of infinite joy, passion, wealth, health, peace and FREEDOM.

As a contemporary Western society we are programmed through years of conditioned beliefs and human behavioural patterns based on emotions such as fear, grief, stress, judgement, denial and depression. The solution to disengaging from these stressful thoughts and emotions is to rise beyond the source of the distortion and learn to drop in pure thoughts that lovingly seduce and charm the mind back into the ocean of calm, deep peace.

The Inana System helps you move your attention from these thoughts and feelings by introducing English mantras and phrases that aid your meditation concentration and eventually dissolve these limitations. Just as with many other positive psychological programs, new neural pathways are simultaneously created, resulting in inner peace, optimism, freedom, liberation and joy.

Absolute Primordial Conscious Awareness is when the conscious mind settles down into its own true nature and is no longer defined, or iden￾tified, with relative human conditioning and the stresses that come with the human labels (waking state). Absolute Primordial awareness is experienced as expanded, vast spaciousness—a conscious state of rest deeper than that of sleep. The adult human mind rarely experiences being in this moment of open awareness, also known as ‘presence’. 

It is estimated that the average human adult thinks more than 50,000 thoughts per day. These thoughts are mostly focused on the past or the future but rarely rest in the present moment (the gaps between arising thoughts). This habitual attachment, to past or future, leaves us with minimal experience of living life as it is, here and now. When we focus less on thoughts of the past and the future, we set ourselves free from the stress, beliefs, worries, judgements and limitations that they impose upon us. This freedom allows us to establish greater moments of peace and joy in life.

The Inana System begins and ends in the sacred science and essence of Presence, Awareness, Silence and Stillness.

You will experience transformation of:

● all of life’s suffering to permanent happiness

● chaos to peace

● ignorance to enlightenment.

Once finding rest in the present moment, you will: discover that perfection in the present moment is the goal of Absolute Union with the Divine, the Primordial Infinite Source.

The Inana System is a process that will eventually refine your conditioned mind and senses to remembering and awakening to your absolute and

infinite natural state of being. Resting in silent conscious awareness is the doorway to true awakening. Conscious attention and focus on the celebration and appreciation for the soul’s divine journey is one of the greatest tools for awakening. Sitting in silent awareness again and again and again is what creates union with presence. Consciously stilling the active mind and its noisy, incessant dialogue through witnessing, intention and com￾mitted meditation practice is what eventually changes thought patterns.

This practice creates new neural pathways in the brain, leading to an experience of inner silence, peace, bliss and joy, even in times of external chaos

and challenge. You can experience a continual life of freedom, peace and joy by freeing up your fixation, grasping and attachment to past experiences, beliefs and thoughts. Union with the absolute, sacred and true nature of the soul is easy to accomplish when you turn your awareness away from the noise of

the mind and its internal dialogue and experience the peace of the silent presence already within.

When you experience the stillness of present-moment awareness, you open yourself to dimensions of expanded consciousness, creativity, intu￾ition and a multitude of positive changes that will empower your life. The more you learn to quieten your internal dialogue through meditation, the more you gain access to your soul. And from that place you start making choices that can enhance just about every aspect of your life. The mag￾nificence of meditation isn’t the high you experience during the practice, but the inner peace that you carry with you through the rest of your life. May you now experience that deep abiding inner peace your soul has been longing for.

The Inana System is done in silence.

Silent meditation has always played a central role on the spiritual path. By allowing us to step directly beyond the mind and ego, authentic meditation provides us with both a direct experi￾ence of the goal and context of spiritual life and an opportunity to ground our being in that ultimate context. In the highest form, meditation is about disengaging entirely from the  world of time, action and becoming, and resting freely and effortlessly in the ground of Being, in Awareness itself. Although you use your mind to navigate through the first stages of this practice, it is when you eventually ‘lose’ the attachment to the conscious mind that the miracles begin to take place from the space of Silent Aware Consciousness. It is from the space of no time, no space, no one and no where that you step into the same ultimate Creative Principle and potenti￾ality of Source/God itself.

At the appendices at the back of this book, you will also find some bonus

information, meditations and practices to support your Inana System practice. Firstly is a Quick Reference Guide to the Inana Postures and Tips

for Practising the Inana System. (I suggest you read these before you start

incorporating this system into your life.) The bonus practices in the appen￾dices bring your attention to inward presence and support your Inana

System practice. They are the I AM – Witnessing, Awareness and Presence

Meditation, the Pineal Gland DMT Activation, LOVE’S BREATH and

Mudra Hand postures.

The Inana System brings awareness directly into the experience of love-consciousness every time we meditate. Love-consciousness is the unconditional love within all beings—an experience that keeps expanding when we dive deep within ourselves. It is not strange or ethereal but something very concrete and natural. Love-consciousness is the first felt interpretation and expression experienced by the physical body when it has touched the deep and profound inner peace of our pure inherent primordial being.By focusing on this experience when using this practice, peace begins to permeate every aspect of our lives.

EBOOK $18 
When you download the ebook you will then have access to all the Inana System SOUNDFILES link
When you purchase the book you will then have access to all the Inana System SOUNDFILES link
Book , Soundfiles and 2x 1hour private live training sessions


After twenty years of meditation practise in Taoist, Hindu and Buddhist techniques, I had developed some level of skill and energy in meditation, which I regard as a major tool of inner transformation. The meditation methods I learnt worked very well; however, costly Western hypnotherapy and psychotherapy were regularly needed to support the process. Even so, I would find my feeling of calmness and emptiness leaving after a few weeks. Then I would be longing for the next meditation retreat, just to dive back into that deep silence and the feeling of not needing to be anywhere and lacking nothing.

I bought Robyn's first book because I could see she was a qualified counsellor and transpersonal psychologist. Her story resonated with me. You see, the deep silence would always leave her too after periods of deep meditation. That is, until she abandoned the methods she knew and broke through to the very source … where deep meditation takes you. What came out of this experience is what Robyn calls the ‘INANA SYTEM ’. According to Robyn that deep silence has not left her since that breakthrough.

On Robyn’s retreat, my mind would drop into a very deep state. I had never had so much reorganisation of my subconscious mind in a such a short period of time. The method itself leads the mind back to the source of creation and is a direct experience of the very source of the universe.

Three things struck me regarding the authenticity of Robyn's wisdom and experience. (1) The method is logical, clear and easily understood; (2) With very little knowledge about me, Robyn was able to immediately begin talking to me at exactly the level I was at in my life, meditation and intelligence. It was extraordinary. She read me like a business card in two minutes; (3) She thinks for herself and doesn’t parrot dogma.

If you really wish to understand your mind and ultimately gain inner freedom, wisdom and bliss, this book,The Inana System, is a great place to begin.

Soft tissue therapist/body worker
Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi gong instructor
Canberra, Australia



"My experience with The Inana System is nothing short of extraordinary!

The course presents itself in a complete and well thought out manner. The delivery of each lesson and timing is perfect in that you are given enough time to master each posture before proceeding to the next.The practice has been and continues to be greatly beneficial in releasing an enormous amount of stress from my nervous system , thereby experiencing gradual yet noticeable physical healing!

My sleep has improved and mind chatter has decreased tremendously! I've noticed that I reside in a state of unshakable peace where fear used to rein. Also, I radiate an inner glow of Divine Light that others have commented on as well as achieving full dissolution of "separation" from my Creator Source.

My Human self and Divine Self has merged into One, as I now walk upon the Earth as One who is in the world but not of it!

This practice is by far the most effortless, effective and enjoyable I have done and I Truly look forward to my practice each morning upon arising , open-eyed throughout my day and every evening before sleep!

As for Robyn herself, she is a True Servant and Healer! She radiates warmth and authenticity that is real and trustworthy! I can't say enough about her and her loving spirit! 

- De'Anna Fitzpatrick, NY.

"I want you to know how deeply touched I continue to be by the enormous sacrifice you make, the beauty of the guidance and wisdom that comes through you, the surrender with which you greet life, and, most of all, the stunning vulnerability you embody as a teacher, shaman, and friend - it is gorgeous, powerful and present in you, unlike anyone I have ever known ".  Anon - Australia

" Great program! This course is masterfully put together for all spiritually minded souls. What an opportunity to explore transcendental states of awareness with such a qualified guide. This will surley rock the worlds of those lucky to go on this journey" - Grace - UK

"I've always found meditation challenging. Never able to quiet the monkey mind long enough to experience peace. …but I keep trying. I’ve recently completed this program and WOW! SO worth the time I invested in myself! The Inana System brings a level of peace and calmness I’ve never experienced.I have a greater sense of peace throughout my everyday life. I’m less fearful of facing challenging situations. I’m finding it easier to “live in the solution” rather than drowning in a problem.

AND THE GLORIOUS NIGHTS OF SLEEP! The Inana System  is a gift I’ve given to myself, and I’m so grateful to have received it" - Nina NY - USA

"One of the best gifts I ever gave myself. If you want to experience your divinity even more and expand your consciousness, join Robyn’s Inana System course. It’s a game changer for your spiritual evolution" !

Barbara Fritz USA

"For me, The Inana System has been the culmination of a long spiritual search. It is the most simple and effective method that takes me right away to recognize and experience the quiet and eternal space that connects me with everything that is." - Joanna , Newcastle

"I was a 40 year old successful business woman will all I could ever want. I felt my life was complete – but I just wasn’t content. I just knew there was something “more” to life than I was experiencing. When I found Robyn and The Inana System, I knew I’d found it. My dream desire for absolute peace and contentment has been fulfilled. NOW, I am complete!" - Wainoni - Newcastle

Robyns "Inana System " has helped me to see clearly the limitations of the mind and has provided the tools to transcend those limitations. I am now experiencing a peace and freedom that a part of me always knew existed. I am eternally grateful!" - Adam - Central Coast

The authenticity of Robyn's teachings resonates very strongly with me. She has stripped away all the esoteric trappings of modern spirituality and religions and what remains is pure bliss! I am constantly amazed at the benefits the simple practice of The Inana System  is bringing to my life.

As a teacher Robyn is very perceptive, using her vast experience to help her students gain a greater understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. She seems to know just when to gently guide, and also when to give you that big push you need to get you past your resistance. While my ego likes to kick and scream I just keep coming back for more as my true self is revealed layer by layer.
Pam – Secretary (ACT)

The Inana System allows you to immerse yourself in the place that connects you to the pure essence of your soul. This philosophy is life-changing and I recommend these teachings for those who are seeking awakening. The Inana System has changed my life forever and I would recommend it to everyone! Robyn is a sincere, authentic teacher with a profound wisdom that is grounded, balanced and gentle. She reflects the direct truth within every human being and comes with no spiritual traps, no special tricks, or New Age or dogmatic ideologies.

Mary – Nurse (NSW)

"A most personal and profound journey began for me when I met Robyn four years ago. This is what I have learnt. Peace. Deep abiding Peace. I have come to understand that this is the Truth of my Being. I am not my story. It does not define me. I am not chaos and I am not any of life's dramas. Nor am I the darkness that in the past threatened to swallow me whole. I Am deep abiding Peace. It ebbs and flows within, but it never leaves me. Robyn's teachings will return you to your heart's centre where you will find freedom to understand your true nature and grow into an Awakened Being. Robyn is a master at her work. Deeply compassionate and intuitive she will gently guide you back to the call of your own heart and the infinite possibilities that lie within you.

Karen – Teacher (NSW)

When I first heard Robyn Collins speak at an event, I was immediately drawn to the lesson and wisdom. I felt I needed to learn more of what Robyn had learned and was willing to teach. At my first Retreat with Robyn I was home. I felt home. I felt family. I felt the truth. I felt profound peace and above all profound LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. I knew this was the answer I had been searching for and I will go back to, time and time again, to be in the presence and remember exactly who I am and from where I have evolved. Moving into The Inana System Retreats was another life-changing experience for me. From a life previously involving incredible stress surrounding self-worth and self-esteem issues, I have evolved into an individual who no longer suffers stress and who loves herself – just as I AM. Live and let live. When I feel challenged, I immediately drop into the postures and Peace envelopes me.

I do believe, for anyone who has difficulty in believing Peace is an unattainable goal, please contact Robyn Collins. I can honestly say Robyn has been instrumental in changing my life, and I am forever filled with gratitude.

Sonia – Accounts Manager (NSW)

For as long as I can remember I have been finding ways to escape reality, through addictions and obsessive behaviour. Alcohol, drugs, diets, relationships etc. all gave me a rush or a distraction from the things I could not bear. It was about wanting to be free of the pain. So these distractions worked until I would hit rock bottom and realise it would kill me before it would make anything better. The reason none of these things worked is because I was looking for external solutions to fix an internal problem. Robyn has taught me how to find my peace within, to have the courage to tackle life and accept what will be will be.

Stacey – Mother (NSW)

I have suffered through years of struggling with self-doubt, indecision, bullying, sleepless nights, constant worry and depression. While trying many different paradigms, self-help books and programs, some only showed short-term results. Then I discovered Robyn Collins and The Inana System. The results were immediate. Any concerns I had about spending money on the program were soon put aside as I started sleeping more soundly, had less worrying thoughts and found clearer direction for life. My world was just so much calmer. Robyn's caring nature and wide ranging program offers answers and approaches to life’s dramas that I had not considered before. I cannot thank Robyn enough and would recommend her program to anyone wishing to find more direction and calmness in life. Robyn will ROCK your world.

Andrew  – Wool Broker (NSW)

I was going through a lot of stress with my work and everything seemed to be getting on top of me. Life was becoming so hard. A friend recommended Robyn Collins and suggested that I would benefit from attending the Primordial Meditation weekend retreat. I believe that this weekend saved me. I have continued to use Primordial Meditation as taught during this weekend on a daily basis and my interactions with colleagues and clients has become much easier and life no longer seems like such a struggle. I feel a newfound sense of freedom every day. I would truly recommend anyone that is dealing with any life/work traumas to attend an PMP weekend or week-long retreat, and be open to the teachings of Robyn Collins. It really can change your life.

Georgia – Prison Counsellor (NSW)

Practicing The Inana System has made a dramatic improvement on my life. I now have the knowledge and tools to deal with whatever this world can throw at me. I can’t describe the deep feeling of peace I now have since learning and practicing and recommend it to anyone seeking self realisation or relief from stress and anxiety from daily struggles.

Brett – Supervisor (NSW)

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