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The Awakening Process is a Pathway of Transmissions to Grace

Grace is the realization that no matter what appears on the surface of life—no matter what has come before, or what appears to be lost, when you tap back into your true self, love - consciousness , it will emerge again, fresh, vital and overflowing with new possibilities.

The Awakening Process is a series of practices and programs based on Evolutionary Wisdom.

The programs are designed to powerfully shift your worldview and uplift your approach to life, by utilizing the principles and practices of integral and evolutionary psychology, scientific theory, meditation and other spiritual practices.

The Awakening Process directly connects you to the powerful presence of the Souls True Nature of love-consciousness so that you can manifest your highest potential this lifetime and fulfil all of your most beautiful dreams-both worldly and spiritual.

It is from this space of overflowing Love that we can then be of service to, support and elevate humanity, transcending all the limitations of the conditioned world leaving us awake, alive, radiant, liberated and free.

The Awakening Process is at the leading edge of experiential, transformative education in Australia today created by Robyn Collins BAppSocSc., BMSc. for the purpose of inspiring opportunities for profound personal & spiritual transformation and development.

The Awakening Process Retreats , Workshops and Private sessions will allow you to break free from unconscious traumas and emotional wounds that block and limit you from living a full awakened life. 


About The Awakening Process

Since the loss of my daughter in 1991 , my life was on a trajectory of existential searching and seeking for answers about life , death and everything in between. I needed answers to the senseless pain and suffering that I and others where experiencing in the world. That journey of seeking (recorded in my first book Return to Soul) finally came to an end after all avenues where exhausted and a sense of total fullfulment never looked like it was ever going happen in this life.

I stopped, gave everything up and surrendered into the vast unknown.

It was here, after more than a decade of seeking that a “True Awakening” occurred.

In 2004 , I returned from a spiritual pilgrimage to Isreal where I experienced many incredible moments of sacred initiations and activations. I had travelled up the isolated clifftop in the heart of the desert on a lofty plateau overlooking the Dead Sea and the untamed landscape of the Judean Desert to the historical place of Masada. The history of Masada dates back to the year 30 BCE by King Herod, whose architectural feats have left their mark throughout the country. At the beginning of the great revolt against Rome in the year 68 CE, the site was conquered by a group of Jewish zealots, and Masada became their last stronghold.

In the year 72, the Romans besieged Masada and succeeded in reaching the steep fortress after constructing a huge earthen ramp on its western side. In the year 73, the 960 Jewish zealots living at the top of Masada chose to commit suicide rather than to fall into the hands of the Romans alive. Their deeds left behind a saga of courage, heroism, and martyrdom.

I was in my final days of pilgrimage and something about Masada changed my life forever. By this stage I was immersed in the powerful healing transmissions of participating on such a sacred retreat. My entire body , mind and soul had been dissolved from its pre conditioned patterns and programs ‘back home’ and I was in the space of total openness , surrender and receptivity.

As I stood on the mountaintop of Masada overlooking the endless vast and beautiful desert before me , I felt an overwhelming ‘presence’ pour itself into every cell of my being. I was unable to recognise the energy as it was so much more than those experienced in the past. This time it was just an incredible feeling of infinite expansiveness , an eternal and boundless spaciousness exploding into and from the very core of my being.

I was the last one to travel down the cable car to join the group where my spiritual mentor joined me to check in with my process. I stayed still, almost frozen in awe of the presence before me. He gently place his and upon the back of my heart and quietly spoke into me ears… “ stay as long as you need , breath this presence into every cell of your being so that it becomes who you are”

My heart and soul once again shattered into deeper surrender as the feeling of grace, penetrated every particle of my existence. I stood sobbing, like once before when I was visited by the spirit of Jeshua but this time the transmission was by the formless and timeless presence of love- consciousness itself.

A few days later, I returned to Australia , totally stripped of any esoteric teachings I had experienced in the past. It was like everything I had learnt since my daughters passing in 1991 became obsolete. It seemed like nothing mattered any more, I had no urge to do a single ‘spiritual’ practice ever again. As I mentioned , I was totally exhausted from the search and needed to stop. It was like Masada gave me the final permission to let it all go into the vast spacious mystery where it all arose from in the first place.

Within 3 weeks of my return the following phenomenon began to unfold. Although at the time, it wasn’t clear to me what was occurring , I remained open, inquisitive and curious to the possibilities of the experience at Masada and in Isreal being something that would reveal itself to me in time.

Following is an excerpt from Return to Soul cont. 

All that was left was a quiet mind that didn’t need to do anything anymore and a heart that rested in a silent stillness that also no longer needed to move out of the space of love. A part of me felt a bit lost and even lonely because I didn’t fully understand where I was at in life.

I packed up all my books, crystals, deities and cards, I cancelled all my meditation groups and spiritual development workshops and for a few weeks I did nothing except hang out with friends and my kids, have a few drinks, and search the internet.

But it didn’t take long before the biggest wake-up call occurred. It seemed that that the more I had let go of all that was from the conditioned world of beliefs, the more a world of unconditioned peace and love was to be revealed to me. 

What followed was an unexpected experience that would exceed all that I had experienced in the past and would reveal to me a clearer relationship with myself as a Primordial ( original existence), omnipotent (all powerful) , omniscient ( all knowing) omnipresent (all present - infinite) Soul, Universal Consciousness, and the ultimate Pure Love of the radiant Ground of Being and all of existence.

Pure Being—Universal Awareness

For three consecutive weeks, three times a week and at 3 a.m. in the morning, I awoke and jumped out of bed to grab a notebook and pen to write down all the new information that was once again flowing directly from the Universal Consciousness. This time the vision was very different. The first time, with the vision of Jeshua, I had been shown who and what I was in terms of the spirit energy and the created content of the world of form. If you recall, I was shown the experience of the Self in the manifested form of matter, substance, energy, and many of the elements of nature.

Now I was experiencing a sense of my-self as a much more subtle energy, which was a translucent, empty, pure spirit, consciousness and an unmistakable universal being. This time it was just me as a cosmic being observing and witnessing all of creation.

As I looked out upon the universe, I sensed a more expanded sense of Oneness with all of creation; there was no separation. The universe, the galaxies, the planets were all One in an ocean of eternal Nothingness that was continuously giving birth, more and more, in every second. All of this matter was made of the same original atoms, molecules, and particle substances yet were unique in their appearance and existence, and all were as alive as each other. Before me I witnessed a timeless evolution of galaxies, planets, earth, nature, elements, animals, and humans. I was shown that not only had our bodies arisen within this ocean of consciousness, but sound, our thoughts, and our emotions arose within this space as a temporary manifestation as well.

That entire existence also faded away and dissolved back into the consciousness from which they all had arose. This Universal Consciousness was an infinite, boundless, formless, and timeless space of ultimate bliss and was a love that loved all of creation unconditionally; every single tiny cell was loved the same. The fire, the light, the thunderous explosions of chaotic forces, the oceans, the suns, the ant, the dinosaur, the leaf, the life, and the deaths were all loved equally as part of the universal consciousness that was giving birth unto itself ... as a parent gives birth to a child loving them unconditionally.

It was like being in my very own incredible cosmic light show. The universe was the stage performing before me and the earth another stage moving like a live ball of energy as I watched spirit coming and going in a constant movement of life and death. It was like watching past life, new life, past life, new life, past life, new life—all happening at once as an eternal dance. I could move myself at the speed of light— not as a body and a thought but as what I would call consciousness or seamless participation. I could move as far as I chose, above, below, forward or backward—again, not as a sense of measurement such as here or there but more as effortless participation.

When I realized that I was aware of my observation of these occurrences, I then felt my Self turn that attention to what I was as the one observing—Pure Being. Nothing. I was eternal, transparent, empty, and formless nothingness. I was the same presence of pure, radiant love that Taylor had alerted me to the day she came and left so suddenly, leaving me with a love so immense that no words could explain it. That love was the same love that I was experiencing, floating eternally with the entire existence of creation both in form and formlessness.

This time I was part of the whole, the absolute and the relative, the invisible void that was silent and still and the driving impulse and force of creativity that was full and alive. The sense of freedom, joy, and unconditional love was overwhelming. I experienced Universal Consciousness as crystal clear, pristine awareness, unimpeded, unaffected, and unattached to the personal human experience with all its chaos and trauma. Yet this consciousness cared for all of creation because it cared for itself experiencing the journey and its return to knowing the freedom and infinite peace of its True nature. That was, and is, the Soul’s journey and our purpose for being—to remember ourselves as infinite love and broadcast that message to as many people as we can to assist in the awakening of humanity.

Although the message was layered in all the past teachings that I had participated in and what the spiritual masters and religions of the world teach, nothing came close to the sense of reality that I experienced at that moment. I then realized that the reason I had felt unsatisfied in the past was that in all of the seeking there was not one thing that could have ever educated me about the truth of enlightenment through words, theories or interpretations that could touch the experience of Universal Being and Presence.

The message of total freedom and release from all of human suffering was that there is absolutely nothing that exists in the world of matter that is real or true because everything that is experienced on Earth is just like a dream that came, stayed for a moment, and then faded away. Everything in the form of matter is temporary. Absolutely everything is always in a movement of birth and death, coming and going, a continual movement of impermanence. Yet the only thing that remains permanent and does not move is the Awareness itself (“I”), the calm, still and silent space that is boundless peace—an effortless, unattached, loving space that just simply watches all things come and go. As Universal Beings, we all come from the same place with everything else and our true and permanent essence is formless, conscious love and bliss ... It’s hard to truly express the infinite state of Soul as it is actually nothing, wordless, transparent, and pure, but I will try...

Soul is formlessness, expressing itself as form and worthlessness expressing itself through these words. It is nothing that is expressing itself as everything; it is emptiness expressing itself as wholeness; and it is that which is not a thought having the experience of thoughts. Soul is an absolute, untainted state of light, love, and peace—translucent, pristine, and shimmering.

This was what I was waiting for, for all these years. This is what Taylor’s purpose for being was all about. She came so that I would ceaselessly do whatever I could discover the purpose of life, and this was it. The nagging feeling of unfulfillment was gone and never returned. I finally felt whole and complete with no more frustration or doubt. This was it, the purpose of life: to remember this True nature of who we really are and to remind others of it so they, too, can finally be set free. I was told that I was to teach this message to those who I meet on this journey, to those who will be sent to me.

When I returned to my physical body, I could not, for the life of me, work out how on earth I was going to share the experience of exalted No-thing-ness that is also One with all-things to people. How on earth do I explain the unexplainable? 

This message came from the state of deep, inner stillness that was grounded within the core of my Being through following a commitment to meditation and the guidance and philosophy of my pathway. This deep, inner sense of silent knowing taught me beyond the thoughts, concepts, and strategies of the ego and the body’s inherent needs for survival. It took me beyond the world of content and into the Truth of consciousness, and then further into pure omnipotent and radiant awareness. It took me home to the limitless and ever-present peace and into the brilliant, undying, unborn nothingness that was free and liberated, where once again I was all things, all of existence, and nothing at the same time.

So, how does the experience at Masada have anything to do with The Awakening Process and Primordial Meditation ?

The FEELING that I experienced from the ‘cosmic visions’ was the same feeling of vast , endless, spaciousness on the mountain , the only difference was that my ‘sight’ had transcended from the earth desert , to the universe, the cosmos , beyond and back into the empty void and ground of being of existence. It was like the desert was the metaphor or the personification that my mind needed to experience at the time for what was about to unfold.

Now 2018

This is where the Awakening Process was first birthed as an ongoing and deep discovery into not only the dimensions of light, the dimension on Cosmic Consciousness but the very core dimensions and existence of Pure Primordial Being itself. The Awakening Process has been years in the making, and probably with many more to come based on the evolutionary process of creation and existence itself. Here, in the (Primordial Meditation Process), I share the channeled teachings from Primordial Being itself. This book first began in the birthing process of Level one and the four postures , yet has since been shared and experienced by close to one hundred students in Australia who are making radical miracles occur in their lives through the inward experience of Awakening and the outward co creative power and potential of manifesting a life of infinite possibilities , joy , abundance , peace and love.

Since daily committed and vigilant practice to receiving Primordial guidance for this book , I believe I have substantial evidence that backs up the wisdom, science, power and ease in which The Primordial Meditation Process helps transform , heal and changes lives. Although a lot is still available to explore and to write about in order for the reader to understand intellectually with the mind, what I have found is the greatest outcome is experienced in the space of willingness, innocence, receptivity, unlimitedness, surrender and trust in the power of the unknown!

Although we use our mind to navigate through the first stages of this practice, it is when we eventually ‘lose’ the attachment to the conscious mind that the miracles begin to take place from the space of Silent Aware Consciousness. It is from the space of no , time, no space , no one and no where…that we step into the same ultimate creative principle and potentiality of “ God “ itself.

I wish you blessings on the Journey of  Grace and Transcendence


21 Symptoms of Awakening

At this time, many things are changing in the world. We live a time of awakening and desire to change, never seen before. A lot of people become more conscious and aware of issues and practices that have lasted for too long and that must change. Many people now want to take their lives back into their own hands and escape the model imposed by society in order to really know happiness and live the life they truly want to live – not one dictated by television, magazines, movies, social identifications and all kinds of meaningless clichés many now want to get away from.

The world also awakens in terms of nutrition. More and more documentaries now denounce our current food scandals (from animal genocide and cruelty in the food industry to the high toxicity of today’s chemical food, and to the destruction of our planet’s vital resources). More and more independent scientists, newspapers, blogs, and individuals, create their own groups and support of information, to spread the awareness about the truth of the various industries we’re living amongst, and offer new inspiring models. They all contribute, to their way, to a growing awareness in the world.

On the other side, many people are ready to hear those truths, and to become themselves, the change they wish to see in the world. Their consciousness grows, their interests evolve, the meaning of life changes for them, and they have new aspirations and inspirations, coupled with the desire to change themselves in order to also for many, change the world. Do you recognize yourself in that? I’ve decided to reunite in this article 21 symptoms that show that you are experimenting / that you experimented a spiritual awakening; in other words, a raise in your level of consciousness about yourself and about the world. The AWAKENING PROCESS is a "navigating system" for your pathway of Spiritual Awakening. It assists in the unfolding process of waking consciousness and evolution.

21 symptoms of spiritual awakening

1) The feeling that something has changed inside of you

You can’t explain it but you feel different. You even have the sensation to have become a new person, which has nothing to do with the one you were before. You may even have already been different persons, but it continues. Each time you have the feeling that you are getting closer to your truth. This feeling fills you with deep happiness, as you get closer and closer to who you want to be (or should I say, who you really are). At the same time, it scares you, as you have escaped from your comfort zone, and escaped the cage in which society had put on, and sometimes you even think it was easier before, in the “known”. But now that you have escape the “illusion”, that you have dropped the “mask”, and that your blinders are gone forever, you feel you can see everything much clearer. You even wonder how you could live “like this” for so long. The world has now a new color and a new taste, simply because you now look at it with new eyes…

2) Awareness of your old negative habits

You become aware of everything that was not right in your “old life”, in your old you. You realize all the things you used to do and don’t want to do anymore, and all the thinking patterns you don’t wish to keep. You are ready for a big change and you never want to go back, being so happy about what you have discovered. You feel a feeling of deep fulfillment and happiness, from getting closer to your truth, and deep joy to feel this new momentum and feeling of hope.

3) To not feel good with your old entourage anymore and to feel the need to be alone or with new people, more alignment with who you have become

Evolving spiritually can be a painful process, as not everyone around you will evolve at the same speed. Very often, we grow ourselves following a certain event or certain encounters, but it is not necessarily the case for our family and friends, that stay the same. We start, little by little, to feel “weird” to think all those things we think, and even guilty for not wanting to spend as much time with them as before. We certainly wish we could, but the “gap” we feel, between them and us, has become too big. Our vibration became higher, and as result, when we see them, we feel a feeling of discomfort, and the need to recharge our batteries after seeing them (we feel drained). Therefore, we then prefer solitude than being drained by negative people. We look for new people, more in alignment with who we really are and our new energy. Naturally, we are attracted to these new people, who make us feel good and energized. We connect with them directly, even virtually, as we are on the same “wave-length”. We often feel better with them than our own family or friends that we have known for 10 years. That’s because this time the connection is from soul to soul. You “see” each other, and you are of the same vibration. It’s a heart and soul connection which is less likely to be ruled by the ego.

4) To not stand superficiality and everything that is not authentic

Lots of places or people that you were used to go or see before will not interest you anymore, or even make you feel depressed. You have become allergic to anything superficial and not “real”, not authentic: people, places, activities, TV shows (if you even keep watching it). You are on a quest to authenticity, simplicity, real things, that would make your heart sing. You may think you have become antisocial, or “too difficult”, but “it is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society”, always remember this. Always follow your heart. If your mind and your ego can dupe you and make you sink, your heart can never lie to you. The more you will grow spiritually, vibrationally, the more you will be attracted to authenticity and the less you will be attracted to lie, illusion, hypocrisy and sham.

5) Deep sadness / compassion about the suffering in the world

A spiritual awakening is not always the best feeling in the world. It can often be accompanied by strong feelings of despair and sadness when becoming more and more aware of all the suffering in the world, even depression for some people. Like I said in my previous article “How to be Happy When we are Aware of all the Suffering in the World?“, once we know, we can’t go back, and we suddenly feel responsible. What you feel is completely normal. You have to go through it. Don’t think you have a problem or that you are too weak. Once we suddenly “see” and “understand” things, it can sometimes be a shock. For example, when I discovered the horror of animal cruelty in the food industry and slaughterhouses and when I then decided to really investigate it for weeks and now months, I went through a depression for a few weeks, not wanting to see anybody and do anything, just cry all the tears of my heart. I let it pass, and as I explain it in the article, I then decided to act about it. Today, I don’t regret to know what I know, it makes me a stronger and an even more responsible person.

6) Feeling the need to make this world a better place

Taking care of your own well-being is not enough for you. You want to also help others and have a positive impact on the world. You don’t understand the people that do nothing and that are selfish. You don’t understand how it is possible to hurt somebody or an animal. You feel more and more compassion and empathy for others and for animals. Your life only has a meaning when you do something for others. Even if you have impacted only one person or one animal, it makes you incredibly happy and makes you feel as if you didn’t come on earth for nothing. You can’t imagine yourself dying without having impacted this world positively. The only thought of it would make you sick. You feel “called” to make something bigger. You can’t go back, and if you sometimes find it hard to be “awaken”, you would never want to be “asleep” again.

7) A deep yearning for meaning in your life

A lot of things that you used to do before, are of no interest to you anymore. Old places or friends that you used to go or see, have not the same taste. You need meaning in your life now, otherwise you get bored, and that affects you psychologically (you can even get depressed). Like I explained in previous points, you simply can not find any interest anymore in doing anything that is not authentic and that doesn’t match your current values. You need to have a purpose, a goal when you wake up. You also need to do a job that is meaningful. You can’t imagine yourself doing a job that wouldn’t contribute to the well being of the world.

8) Hypersensitivity

In addition to your 5 physical senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell) that become more and more developed, your spiritual senses also increase (intuition, emotions, imagination, conscience and inspiration) to a high speed. Your intuitions guide you more and more and you learn to listen to them. You understand more and more that your emotions are the “compass” your soul uses to guide you and indicate you the direction to take (negative emotion: wrong direction / wrong way of thinking; positive emotion: good direction / good way of thinking). 

9) Creativity and increased inspiration, need to realize your dreams

You are bombarded with ideas all the time. You are receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations at an often overwhelming rate. A fire burns in your stomach when you think about doing some things that you want to accomplish, and your enthusiasm is on fire when you think about creating. You like to be inspired by people you admire. In your head, it’s like a computer with 30 open tabs at the same time. Life takes another meaning when you create, you feel alive. You feel called to realize your dreams and your mission on earth. It’s simply because your soul can finally express through your physical body, what she came here to do.

10) Willingness to know who you truly are and to be finally be yourself

You don’t want to be defined by society or others anymore. You are tired of wearing this mask you have been wearing for too long, in order to be what others expect from you. You finally want to know who you really are. You ask yourself questions about yourself, life’s purpose, the universe, and why not even other planets and civilizations. You don’t want to see through the filter of the illusion of society anymore, but through the filter of the heart and of the soul. You want to finally be who you really are, be happy, free, light in your heart and never again live for others’ expectations of you.

11) Increased intuitions and desire to reconnect with yourself

Like we just talked about, your desire to reconnect with who you really are is stronger and stronger. You have understood that you and only you can know your answers. Even if you can ask for help and be inspired by others, only you and your higher self, your higher consciousness, who you really are, can give you the answers you are waiting for. You need to spend more time with yourself, and strongly desire to always trust your intuitions.

12) Increase in “coincidences” and in “synchronicities” in your life

The more you grow spiritually, the more your energy increases, and the more you will understand how perfectly everything is orchestrated. You meet “by chance” the right people, you find yourself “by coincidence” at the right place at the right time, you desire something and this thing happens. What’s happening? Your energy, your vibrational state is higher. The more positive your energy is (high vibration), the more you will attract positive circumstances in your life. Also, the more you are connected with your higher consciousness, the more you will receive messages from your spirit guides, through repetitive numbers (1111, 2222 etc), and through signs and increased inspiration in your everyday life that will definitely catch your attention.

13) More awareness and attention to the food you eat

You notice that you are more attracted towards certain food and naturally reject others. You want to take care of your body, more than ever, and for the good reasons. The industrial cookies you used to love won’t be appealing to you anymore. Same for the steak that you liked “rare”. Each type of food has its own energy and when we raise our vibration, we are then attracted to different types of food, more aligned with our current vibration. That is the reason why many spiritual people can’t eat animals and animal products anymore, specially when they are the result of cruelty and suffering like it is the case today (and very toxic for consumption now). Some people don’t resonate anymore with products that include gluten neither, as well as aspartame, chemicals and refined flours. We naturally don’t want to eat it anymore, and if we do, our body reacts strongly to it (may even develop new allergies and food intolerances). We are drawn to high energy food, such as a vegan diet with a good proportion of raw fruits and vegetables.

14) Changing sleep patterns

You need more sleep than before, you feel tired when waking up. Periods of lethargy and fatigue. This is a time of integration, so give into it. You can also wake up many times during the night, or experience panic attacks when you wake up. At other times, you can also on the contrary experience episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action.

15) Loss of interest in worrying – Actions based on Love and not Fear

You now understand your emotions’ purpose: to indicate you which vibration you hold. A negative emotion is the indicator of a negative vibration. You have understood that living in fear, in worry, is the worst thing to do as we create our reality based on our thoughts and we attract that which we give our attention to. You now want to make your decisions based on love and trust, and to be in gratitude and joy.

16) Loss of interest in all forms of conflict

Your inner peace has become sacred. All types of conflicts make you feel terribly uncomfortable as you now feel every energy change in your body. Your friends’s dramas or TV dramas don’t interest you. You want inner peace and deep serenity. You may even have, for this purpose, lost any interest in “being right” at all cost, in order to avoid conflict.

17) Loss of interest towards any type of judgment towards others or yourself

As you feel more and more that we are all connected and all more than our physical appearance, you have lost interest in judging others, and also want to apply it on yourself. You want to be lighter with yourself and others, as well as bringing more peace, love, compassion for others and in your life.

18) Increased willingness to love and give without expectations

Your heart and your soul only feel fulfilled when you are of service to the world. You don’t look for gratification for what you do or getting anything back, you just want to give and love for free.

19) Feeling of being connected to everything and everyone (humans, animals, nature, planet, universe)

This connection gets stronger and stronger. You feel you are one with all living beings and nature. You understand the impact of each and every one of your words, thoughts, and actions, on the rest of the world, and you feel deeply responsible for it. You now want to use your impact to the most positive way, having understood that you are part of this “oneness”.

20) Strong connection to animals and nature

You don’t see animals as non-sensitive and non-intelligent beings. You have understood that they have feelings and consciousness, just as plants too. You feel a strong connection to them and for some of you, you can even communicate with them (animals, trees, plants). 

21) Feeling of Bliss

All of this, makes you feel a deep feeling of bliss. You feel a burn in your chest, of love towards life, of gratitude, of joy, of enthusiasm for no reason. You feel like you couldn’t be happier than you are now, knowing what you now know. You get delighted by “nothing” (in the eyes of most people) but to you, it is extraordinary (the perfection of an animal fur, its colors, traits, the perfection of the human body, of plants, flowers, the sun, the ocean…).

You have awaken and it is the start of your new life.

The Awakening Process ONLINE Journey of Transformation 8 Week Program

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