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Learn how to come home to yourself, move more deeply into your heart, and release and transform inner negative stories that hold you back.

Devotional chanting, which is practiced in a wide range of wisdom traditions, has been used for centuries as a way to train people to stay present in the here and now.

Chanting helps you stay focused... using the mantra as the object of awareness. It allows you to exercise your letting-go muscle — and develop the fortitude to release negative thoughts and emotions and the stories you believe about yourself... or anything else that takes you away as each moment comes and goes.

What you think of yourself, your life, your work, your community, and our world can change — not by altering external circumstances you can’t control, but by transforming your thought patterns. As a result, difficult situations become less painful because you're not as emotionally invested in them.

Of course, there are many spiritual practices designed to bring us continually into the moment...

So why chanting?
In the East, there’s a general understanding that the spirit of all beings is one and the same. Your true nature resides in the “heart cave,” which is the seat of the soul. Chanting uncovers that place within you.

And as you discover that place, you’ll begin to experience a swell of peace and contentment arising from within.
Each time you come back to the mantra, you create new neural pathways in the brain which allow you to move more deeply into who you really are: Truth, Beauty, Unlimited Joy… and Real Love.

Repeating mantras with love and devotion can help you open your heart and access your inner strength, which influences your experience of life regardless of what’s going on in the outside world... even if just for a few minutes.
Included in the monthly gathering is The Shanti Christo SoundSymbol & Inana Transmissions for rapid light activation and transformation.

Includes Soundbath and special guests! 

Dates for Sacred Chant Sound Circles available on Facebook events or email 

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