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These Amulets hold the frequency of Shanti Christo - the Peace of Christ-The Awakened Mind 

 Unifying the Vedic, Semitic, Yogic, Mystic and Shamanic Traditions.

Symbolic Significance:

Now before you a Symbol that is quite all encompassing in its nature.

It unifies the Vedic and Semitic streams of consciousness/traditions.

Shanti for the Vedic streams and Christo for the Semitic streams, loosely translated as the Peace of Christ - The Awakened Mind of Love Consciousness

It also includs the Shamanic, earth based traditions, as emblemized by the 8 arrowheads pointing in the directions of the wind.

It includes two 13 belly scaled cobra’s, surrounding the Peace symbol in the Centre of the Heart, representing Kundalini rising and Yogic traditions.

The symbol of the Heart, is formed by two lines moving from a zero still point into different directions. Yet at a certain point are drawn back down into their centre and inextricably towards their counterpart, plunging into celebratory unifying Peace. 

In the Peace signs’ central line stands Mother Mary (the Sacred Feminine)  in her traditional mudra, both hands down, Blessing the Earth and All of Life as the circle around her. Setting ablaze the eternal flame bursting forth from the Blessing of a hero’s journey completed.

The triangular shape of the Buddha meditating at the centre of the flame of the Sacred Heart.

The 8 pointed 64 rayed Sun, connects the ancient I Ching tradition and the modern day Gene Keys with the Surya Majapihit of Hindu/Buddhist origin.

Underlying structure reveals  the star of Inanna: Sumerian queen of the heavens/star of Ishtar the Babylonian goddess known as “The Lightbringer.”

It fits into the Star of Lakshmi as well as the Islamic Rub El Hizb, which brings in Sufi mystical traditions with Al-Arabi’s Geometrical  octagon, with a ninth point in the centre, combining the Breath of the Compassionate with the Seal of the Prophet.

In ancient Astrology the eight lines of the star are symbolic of the four corners of space (north, south, east, and west) and time (two solstices and two equinoxes).

It honours the High Angelic Seraphiel order of Sophia Dragons with 8 times 11  scales of Dragon Wisdom holding and Anchoring that Shanti Christo consciousness into the Heart of Mother Gaia.

And if you truly meditate on this symbol the face of the Lion of Judah, the cosmic Christ appears. It is an emblem of a perfectly aligned, sublimely balanced Unified Field of Christ. Beaming out into All directions simultaneously.

It speaks of the eternal New Now, the Second Coming, the having arrived rather than the journey, the having found instead of the searching, of Completion and Wholeness.

A symbol to remind us of that Truth that is True Always... Only LOVE IS Real...

We Are indeed One with our Creator and in that Knowing Peace Reigns Supreme.

Indeed A Perfect Creation emanating from the Mind of God.

In other Words: this Is the Truth of YOU... the Truth of who and what I Am... We Are.

Yes We Are That, We Are ... I Am That, I Am

Little beacons of Light

These jewellery pieces are little beacons of Light that at once attract like minded into your sphere as well as beam Light out in all directions.  Blessing the road before you and lighting up The Way ahead.

Each piece is accompanied by a sound frequency, a chantable sound that awakens a remembrance deep within your DNA.

Each piece is accompanied by an activation ceremony to connect you and your piece to that particular frequency to draw strength from and be informed by.


Co-Creating, Serving The Way

These pieces are Co-Created out of a deep longing to honor that One known to me as Yeshua.

A deep longing to extend these Spiritual technologies and what they taught and brought me.

A deep longing to serve his Vision for Earth and Humanity.

A deep longing for The Way to be restored in (y)our mind and heart, as The Way to walk to - and in - Freedom.

A deep longing for Peace to return to earth and that all may see Heaven and Earth as One.

A deep longing to extend cross cultural, pan religious mystical understanding to All.

These pieces are channelled if you will, downloaded by Grace through my hands, my eyes, my voice, my ears and born through dedication and pure Trust.

Through applying the Keys to the Kingdom; Desire, Intention, Allowance, Surrender culminating in Humility and Gratitude.

This is not ‘my’ creation, there is no copyright, I Am receiver of Grace and Light.

In Gratitude and Service I remain to blossom and extend what has first been Given.

I Am your brother, friend and equal in Christ, We Are One.

I Am Ori Ana, I Am