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The Primordial Meditation 


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In 2004 after a decade of spiritual study, practices and pilgrimages traversing pathways of Eastern Philosophy , Metaphysics and Western Psychology - Robyn Collins experienced an expanded state of reality where she received a unique message and practice: The Awakening Process – Primordial Meditation Process (PMP)

PMP is a direct, simple path derived from the point of Absolute Love-Consciousness, which connects us to the quantum field of consciousness and the Pure Infinite Source of All that IS. Participants testify to experiencing profound healing and expanded consciousness, leading to spiritual wholeness, joy, self-love, inner-peace, courage and freedom through attaining self-realisation.

PMP consists of four levels with sixteen phrases, called “Inner Postures”, which are simple, powerful statements and profound truths that hold phenomenal strength to help you to dissolve subconscious habits and self-destructive patterns and rise above the mind’s limitations into a transcendent experience. An abiding sense of present – moment awareness will permeate your life as you practice the inner postures.

Primordial Meditation is about spiritual awakening - waking up from the dream state of the ego to embody your true self – the boundless source energy that has the power to create infinite possibilities.

It’s time to participate in humanities evolutionary awakening.

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In March 2021 the Primordial Meditation Process was analyzed with a Neurofeedback therapist and an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine resulting in HIGH range Alpha, Theta and Gamma Brain waves  equal to that of years of research done on deep meditating Buddhist monks and Olympic level meditators who have done 62,000 hours of meditation

The state of consciousness of meditation at the level of Gamma is known as a state of being called enlightenment , liberation or awakening.

The Primordial Meditation Process

The Primordial Meditation Process (PMP) is a Transcendental Healing and Enlightenment practice.
Learn powerful and direct approaches of Soul Activation & Awakening Transmissions through Multi - dimensional vibration frequencies of Sound , Light , Mudra , Mantra, Meditation, Silence and Presence.

Experience :

Loves Breath - Sacred Embodiment
Blessing of the Energy Centers
Accessing the Quantum field, Cosmic Consciousness and the Ground of BEing

Powerful Transcendental Primordial Meditation Postures
Co creative principles of abundance and manifestation

The Primordial Meditation Process is a Pathway of Inner Peace - Happiness - Effortlessness - Grace and Liberation . It is a transcendental meditation system in 4 Levels each with 4 Parts in each Level called "Inner Postures".

The first four postures of The Awakening Process System - Primordial Meditation are pure expressions of unconditional love, that gently but rapidly take the mind beyond the constant chatter of the intellect, into the direct experience of love-consciousness.

They are extremely powerful, but at the same time very simple, easy to learn and to use. Primordial Meditation is so much more than just a meditation practice, it heals the mind , body and soul at the deepest core level of existence.

The Primordial Meditation Process heals subconscious and cellular trauma created from human conditioning and collective (un) consciousness.

The Primordial Meditation  directs awareness inward to observe the mind and inner and outer distractions and effortlessly brings the mind within to the source of all thought, the state of pure Being or pure consciousness.

Thoughts are then gently and skillfully disengaged to experience inner peace. Sacred Soul is authentically and naturally guided with no 'special' inductions. Its is a simple, practical and safe self administered practice of mindful awareness and relaxation technique that can be used at anytime and anyplace!

The Primordial Process brings awareness directly into the experience of love-consciousness, every time we meditation.

Love-consciousness is the unconditional love within all beings, an experience that keeps expanding when we dive deep within ourselves. It is not strange or ethereal, but something very concrete and natural.

By focusing on this experience when using this practice, it begins to permeate every aspect of our lives. When our inner state no longer depends on the external world around us, we find true freedom, letting go of the need to control or manipulate our surroundings in order to be happy.

Your thoughts and beliefs about who you are and what life is all about creates your reality. You can choose a life of conflict and suffering or eternal peace and infinite love.

The Primordial Meditation Process is practiced in Silence and is an effortless and easy way to direct awareness deep within to the experience of pure Being, pure bliss and pure creative potentiality. It allows your awareness to drop beneath the stream of thought accessing the ground of your own silent BEing, the most powerful state of healing through pure awareness – transcendental consciousness.

Primordial Meditation is also grounded in the manifesting AND healing POWER and phenomenon of the principles of the "I AM" philosophy and determines a life of love , freedom 

and joy

The Primordial Meditation uses highly developed transcendental methods of establishing mental silence - by means of presence and awareness.

It is a series of evolutionary practices which have been researched by trans-personal psychotherapists , doctors and psychologists. They are a course of effortless mindful awareness techniques that allows you to move beyond the chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace


Primordial Meditation Process invites us to learn how established and positive relationship and understanding to our thoughts and programmed habits through the positive human affirmation. The identification/addiction and engagement to these incessant thoughts and habits consistently block the awareness to the experience of our limitless, pure and true Self.

The Primordial Meditation Process simply helps you introduce a new thought into the sea of thoughts already chattering in the mind. This process begins to turn the thinking mind around into a new direction (inward) and causes it to think at deeper levels which quietens the mind and brings the left and right brains into more of a coherence. By quietening the mind into a more direct , one pointed focused thinking , you can learn to move into a deep peaceful rest freeing the whole body of stress , anxiety, conflict or pain and into a state of natural ease.

How does it work?

Your life is the pathway to the Divine and the manifestation of grace. Your body is the vehicle and the key to the doorway to enter is through the heart. The souls purpose is the Awakening of Love-Consciousness. Primordial Meditation is a direct transmission of Love- Consciousness and brings the body into alignment with the cosmos, 'downloading' new energy , transcending and uplifting all past. It is a practice of deep inner awakening and healing energetic seals known as " Mudras" of Joy, Love , Gratitude and Compassion . Primordial Meditation holds cosmic energy from the Divine and anchors it into our human body.

Primordial Meditation is the practice that guides the soul to Oneness, to its true nature and pure essence of being.

Primordial Meditation directs you within to the freedom of divine love-consciousness.

Divine love-consciousness is beyond the limits of our imagination because it’s not an ordinary or personal love.

Divine love-consciousness is the infinite source of pure being that transcends existence yet is the core of existence itself.

When we merge into this love, everything returns divine. It is from here that we source the potentiality to co-create a life of joy, love and infinite abundance.

The first four postures are pure expressions of unconditional love, that gently but rapidly take the mind beyond the constant chatter of the intellect, into the direct experience of love-consciousness.

They are extremely powerful, but at the same time very simple, easy to learn and to use. The Primordial Meditation Process is so much more than just a meditation practice, it heals the mind , body and soul at the deepest core level of existence.

Level 1
The Physical aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as the expression of love and compassion for itself and humanity.

Inner Posture 1.

Effortlessly brings awareness back to the present moment, healing our subjective, or inner, experience of life. It allows anyone, at any time to begin to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation, and reclaim their innerpeace. Heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with the objective, or outside, experience; meaning our bodies, and the world around us. As the judgments we hold in these areas naturally dissolve through practice, we are reconnected with the world as it is, rather than the world as we perceive it to be.

Inner Posture 2.

Heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with the objective, or outside, experience; meaning our bodies, and the world around us. As the judgments we hold in these areas naturally dissolve through practice, we are reconnected with the world as it is, rather than the world as we perceive it to be. 

Inner Posture 3.

Heals our relationship to the source of Love. Whilever there is still a sense of separation from true Love, there is the possibility of suffering and pain. The judgments we hold in this area, even if not conscious, create experiences of beliefs in separation, automatically reality becomes clear. Love is the very presence of one’s own being. One begins to directly experience the most fundamental of all truths; that you have never been, nor will you ever be, separate from the source of All That Is.

Inner Posture 4.

Based on compassion, this technique is the handmaiden of expanding awareness. It is the natural by-product of a life aligned with parts 1,2 & 3. As one’s consciousness naturally expands through practice , Compassion effortlessly replaces judgment, initially with oneself, and ultimately with all of creation. This technique births this experience and heals our relationship with the rest of humanity.

Level 2
The Cosmic aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as universal intelligence and the creative force of grandeur and magnificence. 

Inner Posture 5.

The result of the Solar Practice is to begin to awaken the highest function of human consciousness: sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus of light at the top of the skull -- the seventh chakra. Maharishi Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras (circa 3,000 BC), described the result of mastery of the Solar Attitude as "knowledge of the Cosmic Regions." The Cosmic Regions are the seven planes of existence or light that surround and permeate our Universe of name and form. Mastery of the Solar Technique gives complete knowledge of each of these severally and individually. It is also a powerful tool for the development of the highest degree of human enlightenment, Unity Consciousness. Mastery of the Solar connection opens one to the Causal Worlds; upon death, this is where one goes. This is called the Path of the Sages.

Inner Posture 6
The Sixth Technique is designed to facilitate the movement of Awareness, so vital for the development of Unity. It is also designed to remove the last of the separation between the individual and the Universe; it is the obverse of the Love practice and completes it. It is a protection from all accidents. The Earth practice creates a refined level of witnessing, the hallmark of Perpetual Consciousness, and assists in the development of the celestial perception of Exalted Consciousness, the second stage of enlightenment.

Inner Posture 7

The seventh Universal practice directs awareness to Universal Conscious Awareness. The See -er of creation , the driving impulse of the cosmos. When consciousness is focused on the Universal Intelligence it is free from the limitations of humanistic limitations and suffering.

Inner Posture 8

The Eighth practice establishes Peace with all of relative creation, thereby further stabilizing harmlessness. It also has the effect of confirming the most important relationship of the individual with the Source of All that Is: the limited self surrenders to the Infinite. This Technique has the effect of stabilizing the only correct relationship with the True Nature of Being; this naturally results in a much faster rate of progress. It is also a key to the ability to fulfill all desires and dramatically develops celestial perception.

LEVELS 3 - 4 and Primordial Manifesting

In levels 3 & 4  ( postures 9 - 16 plus the Primordial Manifesting Process) we will  learn how to move beyond our THIRD dimensional human self which embodies the attributes of Praise , Gratitude , Love and Compassion and the Cosmic Self which is at One with the Sun, the Earth, the Universe and the boundless PEACE of the Cosmos into the FOURTH dimension of Light , Soul , Bliss Consciousness and then beyond into the unified field of the FIFTH dimension of Unity Consciousness and Evolutionary Primordial Manifesting – no thing, no where , no one, no time where we become at one with the creative principle where all possibilities exist

Level 3

The Pure Infinite source of Self as soul consciousness awakens as radiant divine bliss, the ground of being, the highest source of pure eternal emptiness and Is-ness. 
Inner Posture 9
The aspect of LIGHT as consciousness in Form

Inner Posture 10
The aspect of SOUL as consciousness in Form

Inner Posture 11

The aspect of BLISS as consciousness in Form

Inner Posture 12

The aspect of consciousness as Form- lessness

Inner Posture 13

Spirit is the force that gives you your life, energy, and power. It’s that spark of the divine that is the source of your “godness” or goodness.

There are infinite levels of consciousness and dimensions of space and time within a multitude of universes.  All consciousness, on all realms of Light including earth, is part of a greater order and plan of spiritual evolution. The spiritual consciousness of humanity extends through all realms, reaching from its home in the Soul realm down to the physical realm. In that sense, it exists on all realms simultaneously. Posture Nine connects you with that spark of Divinity also known as the I Am Presence, the Higher Presence, the monad, the soul's soul, the Christ Self, the God or Goddess Self, or the Buddha within, among other names. It is the part of us that exists in the realms of Spirit, the part that is closest to the Divine.

Inner Posture 14

A gentle, loving, inner peace and silence is here and now in this moment.  It has always been this way. It is always here. It is right here within you and all around you, a stillness, an apparent void, a seeming nothingness out of which everything arises, exists, and eventually returns. 

You know this. You have felt this. There is nothing more than this. You are this .This is your true nature. This is not some esoteric spiritual jargon about some new age philosophy or any religion or belief. There is nothing here which is mystical. There are just these words and you and the silence within. 

This silence is right here in you, every single moment of your life. This pure silence contains you, your being-ness and yet the silence is your very being.

This silence allows the entire universe to be. All existence, everything that is, all matter and energy, all thought is contained in this silence.

This pure silence is what some have called Truth, Infinity, Reality, Enlightenment, Nothingness, God, Great or Holy Spirit, The Now, True Self, I am, Consciousness and Love. Posture Ten of Primordial Meditation allows you to transcend the surface level of the mind until awareness opens to the state of transcendence—pure silence—The Ground of Being

Inner Posture 15
Sitting still in silence has various names and various techniques from various traditions. In Buddhism it is called Zazen or Mindfulness. In the Hindu tradition is it Yoga or mantra meditation. In Christianity it is contemplative prayer, Centering Prayer or Christian Meditation. The common thread to all these is silence and the allowing of the mind to be silent and still.  The actual "sitting still" is or can be symbolic of your entire life and a very good reminder that the nothingness of the Divine, the void, the silence, is constantly bathing you in its light and love; it is supporting you, lovingly and constantly, every millisecond in and through even the most tumultuous experiences of life. Stillness is the true nature of our being and the powerful gateway into eternity. It is entered through the inner peace, calm, and presence of Posture Eleven. It is in this quiet space that we access inner knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.

Inner Posture 16
There is nothing you need to do, and there is nowhere you need to go to find what your soul is truly seeking. This bliss is who you are. It is what resides in the core of your being. When you get very quiet and go inward with infinite patience, you will eventually see this bliss has always been here waiting for you to arrive. The eternal vast presence of peace and extreme joy is inside you. Buddha said this state of pure being is neither created nor uncreated. Jesus said it’s eternal, beyond separation. Rumi called it infinite love.Pure being has no dimension, it is beyond space and time. If there is no time and no space there can be no ending, beginning, or division. Posture Twelve directs you to the reality at its truest level, elevating the vibrational frequency of the body to its highest creative potential through eternal oneness.

Primordial Meditation

Level 4
Experience the full integration and unification of all dimensions as One non-dual reality. 

Inner Posture Thirteen , Fourteen , Fifteen and Sixteen practices stabilizes direct communion with Divinity. It is the applications for complete mastery and enlightenment.  The potential in you is part of a cosmic potentiality that exists in every particle of the universe. It exists as a field of states of what is possible in the world, and it is as real as gravity. Everything that exists in the visible world has first existed as a state in the cosmic field of potentiality. Level Four integrates all levels and dimensions of consciousness bring you into powerful co-creative manifesting. 

The Practical Benefits of Primordial Meditation

Some benefits of Primordial Meditation are:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Clear blockages
  • Heal Trauma
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater sense of clarity and productivity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Greater sense of calmness throughout the day
  • Reduced cortisol
  • Lower risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Improved brain function and memory
  • Manifest HAPPY:
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Abundance

The Awakening Process is a Pathway of Transmissions to Grace

Grace is the realization that no matter what appears on the surface of life—no matter what has come before, or what appears to be lost, when you tap back into your true self, love - consciousness , it will emerge again, fresh, vital and overflowing with new possibilities.

Meditation is a metaphor for Falling in Love.


The Primordial Meditation Process and postures direct you to fall deeply into love-consciousness. Once we are no longer distracted by the movements of the mind and world of content, we immerse ourselves in the bottomless ocean of inner silence. Love-consciousness is the foundation of non-duality, oneness and the end of separation. When we embrace all of the existence of life through the postures of unconditional love, gratitude and inclusiveness, nothing and no-one gets left behind. When we no longer see duality in life, when we no longer judge, compare, divide, condemn or blame we project only peace and compassion for life and others to see. - Robyn

Primordial Meditation

Most of us when asked to point to where our brain is, will point to our head. In the same way, if ask anyone to point to where the mind is, again most of us will point to our head. We assume that the mind is somewhere in the brain. Isn’t it so? Now this may seem shocking: the mind is not something located in the brain… it permeates every cell of the body! You cannot put your finger on the mind! The mind is a collection of memories, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that constantly determine our actions and decisions. Many scientific studies demonstrate how the mind has the power to even rewire the brain! The brain has tremendous plasticity. There is constant change happening in the brain. Neurons establish new connections every day. They create new pathways for different sets of emotions and actions. The brain directly responds to our thoughts and emotional patterns: our state of mind. The brain is not hardwired as we think. What does this mean? 

Three fundamental points:
  1. The brain is getting rewired continuously to process experiences
  2. The more often we have a certain thought or experience, the stronger that network becomes
  3. Most of the thoughts patterns we have developed are deeply unconscious

The third point is the key. Our unconscious thoughts often are related to frustrations, pain, worries and fears. These kinds of thoughts and emotions create blockages in the energy flow in the brain. We start developing what we call disease. With awareness we can choose what we experience. Do we want to experience love, compassion and bliss or do we want to experience anger, frustration and depression? It is up to us! When we are aware, we have a choice. 

Practicing meditation is an excellent avenue that facilitates the physiological and psychological transformation. They will increase awareness and allow you to release the emotional load of past memories. Not only that, you will awaken the non-mechanical parts or subtle areas of the brain. A source of infinite creativity, which usually remains dormant in most human beings, will be accessible to you. It is your choice. If you change your mind, you can change your brain!

"For me, The Primordial Meditation Process has been the culmination of a long spiritual search. It is the most simple and effective method that takes me right away to recognize and experience the quiet and eternal space that connects me with everything that is." - Joanna , Newcastle

"I was a 40 year old successful business woman will all I could ever want. I felt my life was complete – but I just wasn’t content. I just knew there was something “more” to life than I was experiencing. When I found Robyn and The Primordial Meditation Process, I knew I’d found it. My dream desire for absolute peace and contentment has been fulfilled. NOW, I am complete!" - Wainoni - Newcastle

Robyns "Primordial Meditation Process" has helped me to see clearly the limitations of the mind and has provided the tools to transcend those limitations. I am now experiencing a peace and freedom that a part of me always knew existed. I am eternally grateful!" - Adam - Central Coast

The authenticity of Robyn's teachings resonates very strongly with me. She has stripped away all the esoteric trappings of modern spirituality and religions and what remains is pure bliss! I am constantly amazed at the benefits the simple practice of The Primordial Meditation Process is bringing to my life.

As a teacher Robyn is very perceptive, using her vast experience to help her students gain a greater understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. She seems to know just when to gently guide, and also when to give you that big push you need to get you past your resistance. While my ego likes to kick and scream I just keep coming back for more as my true self is revealed layer by layer.
Pam – Secretary (ACT)

The Primordial Meditation Process allows you to immerse yourself in the place that connects you to the pure essence of your soul. This philosophy is life-changing and I recommend these teachings for those who are seeking awakening. ASM has changed my life forever and I would recommend it to everyone! Robyn is a sincere, authentic teacher with a profound wisdom that is grounded, balanced and gentle. She reflects the direct truth within every human being and comes with no spiritual traps, no special tricks, or New Age or dogmatic ideologies.

Mary – Nurse (NSW)

More Testimonials
"Robyn is a leading teacher of personal transformation and spiritual consciousness. She is highly trained and well respected amongst communities of advanced healers & she has developed her private practice to an exceptionally high standard. I have great pleasure in recommend her to everyone who is truly committed to the pathway of Conscious Awakening” Jayem ( Author/Spiritual Teacher)

Robyn has been a dear friend and colleague of mine for over many years. I have witnessed her wonderful counseling, healing and spiritual teaching skills and highly endorse her work to those seeking spiritual truth and wisdom”- Ezio De Angelis

I want you to know how deeply touched I continue to be by the enormous sacrifice you make, the beauty of the guidance and wisdom that comes through you, the surrender with which you greet life, and, most of all, the stunning vulnerability you embody as a teacher, shaman, and friend - it is gorgeous, powerful and present in you, unlike anyone I have ever known - Anon

Primordial Meditation Transcendental Consciousness WEEKLONG Retreat 2020
The week long primordial meditation process retreat was exactly what i needed to reconnect with myself.
After weeks of unrelenting stress, emotional turbulence and minimal primordial meditation practise i had come to a virtual breaking point in my life.
Within the first day of the retreat everything in my psyche rebalanced. This is something i always finds happens on Robyn’s retreats. This was a Godsend.
Just Robyn’s presence is enough to induce deeper meditation states. This is the effect of a true meditation teacher who has contacted the deepest parts of herself. I feel many people just commencing training don’t realise how important this direct connection to the teacher is to the self realisation process.

In a true Meditation process, there levels upon levels, realisations after realisations, absorption states that fall into deeper states of absorption. The deeper the teachers realisation, the more expertly and safely they can guide you into the deepest recesses of your own heart, mind and soul. In this place a an infinite peace is contacted. Robyn’s method can lead you to this place.

What Robyn has created with Primordial meditation is pure genius. The practise is in english, very easy to understand and remember. Her explanation of the actual process is unparalleled in my experience of meditation teachers.

The mind is best not forced open, especially in people who have grown up with trauma. Harshness is not needed when life can already be so harsh. Ease, grace and diligence allow safe diving into the subconscious and superconscious mind. Robyn’s method even has a seductive effect on an unruly mind. So much so that the ego wants to engage with the inner postures. This is Real Yoga.

The week long retreat allows complete learning of the Primordial Meditation Process, trouble shooting when problems arise, and days of deep immersion once the teaching of the method has finished. Robyn’s retreats are always exciting, packed with road trips to sacred sites for deeper immersion of the method and fun! Fun is not usually a word associated with meditation retreats!

I recommend this retreat to anyone, novice to advanced. Robyn can teach you at the level you at. This is one of the amazing abilities she has from own years of deep meditation immersion.

Chris Radnedge
Soft tissue Therapist/Bowen Therapist
Tibetan Usui Reiki Master
Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Kung fu instructor

I have found a greater sense of peace and l being here this weekend but also found many challenges within my own mind and moving beyond my thoughts . But I know I have learnt some valuable practices and knowledge about myself to out in the world and want to continue to know and find myself – Georgia
This is exactly what Yogananada talked about when he said ‘you must go beyond the minds projector and go to the source of the light being projected’
I am feeling the words and intent of method that I’m understanding it to be is meshing with the actual source and silence the PMP is leading me to. The conditioned bullshit stops right here. Many models of practice I have heard and practiced over many years is within this method – not as a conglomeration of ideas and techniques for the sake of marketing and a new system’ but because they are used to link directly to source energy. This is a pathway of ease and grace that actually works. – Chris

I cannot clearly remember how I became connected to Robyn. My first introduction was on social media when I shared an interest in a meditation retreat weekend in Galong. I found Robyn’s passion and wisdom to be somewhat overwhelming for me but on another level resonating with me, with . “ my soul’. I understood and felt like I was a part of likeminded people, forming an instant safe , respectful ad peaceful environment and feeling connected to those individuals also at a soul journey level. I found my mind chatter had somewhat eased from a person who suffers low self esteem , lacks confidence I felt when working on meditation and looking at my soul within that my confidence increased and wanted more!!
What I learnt - not to judge myself and that my self love is one of the most important things to have for yourself! And that we at time can be lost and taken in by own own soul. Meditation and wisdom of The Primordial Meditation Process has challenged my own soul to find harmony and peace within my mind – to still my mind!
This has changed my mind, my heart and my life  - Leanne Higgs

Before the first retreat I was lost. I was looking for a way to help myself and to find a peace within. The first retreat allowed me to become open to the process of finding the peace within and how to introduce meditation into m life. It showed me how I was going to get to the end goal of finding inner calm. Leading up to the second retreat I was becoming more open but still wresting with my ego about letting go of old conditioning such as “ I am worthless , not enough, I cant , I don’t want to etc.
At the second retreat I felt a complete shift body , mind and soul. I felt released from my suffering and limitations. I was recognising the possibilities from living consciously. I AM worthy, I AM deserving , I CAN do anything if I put my mind to it. I can do what I want... I AM Alive! – Stacey Witt

I have had the most profound experience of Self – Love. My heart opened and I could feel Love for myself. I felt light in my heart. I could see this light as well as feel it.
I have always found it easy to love others but never have I extended this to love myself. Like most people I have come from a background of not being good enough, of feeling unworthy of love, of abandonment. Through continuing this journey which began with Robyn in Bali in 2014 I have learnt the importance of Loving myself first. Self care, self respect and self awareness. I have found the peace and freedom to be myself and the tools to continue manifesting what it is want my life to be – Karen Paterson

I came from a place of not knowing , not knowing what is it that I was looking for to finally finding it. Being with Robyn has just an incredible journey, in finding out so much about myself , finding a place where I truly fit in with like minded beautiful people who all teach you everyday about real love and happiness. The course teaches you in easy to follow steps that will guide you on the path through meditation to the true meaning of your life and how you can have the power to change its course direction – from unconscious fear – to conscious Love. Primordial Meditation opened me to beautiful defining moments in my life where I will be changed forever. The joy and happiness you will feel, just wants you coming back for more each and every time – Debbie

Feels like family - Life is more alive, I feel better about who I am and I can now truly be me. There is nothing wrong with me – I am not ill – I am me. I believe I can make the world a better place by helping people to love. I wish every person on the planet could know and feel this joy and peace experienced with PMP and Robyns work. Life really is wonderful. There is hope for humanity through this practice. I feel at peace and deeply connected with sincere and authentic people. There is no new age bulls*hit here. I can now cope with adversity with a peaceful presence and better understanding - Brett

Enveloped in Peace
Level 1 – brings you into the space of Now , preparing you for – Level 2 – taking me out into the ;universe; into the cosmos, being and feeling the heat of the sum, holding the earth in my hands , becoming the earth, standing proud in the universe – then floating as a stranded astronaut – into the infinite peace.
Level 3 – Presence , silence , stillness and pure peace personified
Level 4 - Home....
Level 5 – returning , peeling of the final layers, returning into the ground of being.
This has been my experience - as it all comes together to return me to my source, my place of uncomplicated blissful silence and stillness , of untainted love source – this is what I have always wanted to be .
My question , my goal, how can I manifest to bring this knowledge to others? Children , adults, whoever , everyone needs to experience this! Everyone! – Love , complete love – Sonia

I found deep inner peace , assertiveness , ways of dealing with work colleagues. I love the stillness – quiet. I am letting go and my life is flowing. Im stepping back from conflict. Seeing , feeling, hearing more. Im so much more settled. Have more patience, not reacting to conflict – remaining silent – as the saying goes ‘ Silence is golden’
I can come into postures, during postures, during conflict, driving. It Is just amazing being around people whom I believe as I do, I can just be myself. Friends, soul family friends I have made , It s just another beautiful amazing journey that lasts forever. Love and peace , I feel is just fantastic. –
To help show others how to be still , in the moment. To be an example for my children whom are on a spiritual path, but needing to expand. My grandsons , my mum.....for just everyone, let this ripple out across everywhere. Just soar...feel peace. – Annette

A shared experience , with like minded others in a search for inner peace , wisdom and a need to spread soul stillness. A practice of healing past traumas or even just enhancing your own deep happiness , that already exists inside you. Be a part of a spiritual movement that wishes to evolve away from old ideas of organised religions and seek fresh methods to promote compassion, healing, love, gratitude and just be. Friendships are formed that will last as the togetherness helps plant the seeds of eternal freedom from all that pains you. Thankyou one and all. Andrew

Busy mind, busy constant chatter, this is my journey, finding it difficult at the start, a battle to let go of my thoughts of the years. It seems I have developed with the help from Robyn and my new founded family, a formula, to manage an inward journey and the tools to set myself free. To drop the conditioned conformed mind and to slow down, a technique so powerful that is reduces my thoughts to fluid , where I go , I do not know. I just know that when I come back, everything is glowing surreal , brighter, love caring true empathy to humanity , is a natural basic core to my existence , my thought patterns have changed form, and I personally see things from a different perspective. My life has changed since my first introduction into Primordial Meditation , and I feel , so much happier and content within my life, I look forward to seeing, lets say an observer of my life, to see where this goes, what happens nexts? ..MORE .peace and love, thankyou Robyn – Angela Aldred

Doing PMP retreat levels 1 – 4/5 has been a truly positive experience for me on my journey into the spiritual side of me that has been constantly searching and growing.
As a result of this program I have gained a better understanding of myself and spirit as a whole. I AM now more at ease with myself and have an enormous sense of happiness and gratitude in my waking moments.
This meditation technique gives me the ability to quiet my mind and reconnect with my true nature of being. I love the group setting and energy it generates, I feel at one with the spirits in this setting – Duane

I found the workshop and practice that I completed this weekend was amazing. I found he concept easy to do and the final level was where I was wanting to go right from the first retreat. The endless peace that I feel in my body is where I need to be all the time. The friends I have made will last a lifetime. Being able to share my experience with them is priceless. I absolutely love my life now. Thankyou Robyn for being you and sharing this with me. I cant wait for my new life to unfold and the adventures and journey I will take. I have never been so excited as I am now. – Amanda