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Healy is a holistic wearable microcurrent device that offers over 140,000 healing frequency therapies across 120 programs in supporting your bio-energetic field, health, vitality and well-being. It is medically proven to help with anxiety, depression, migraines & fibromyalgia. It also supports insomnia, chronic pain, balancing emotions and hormones, stress, allergies, skin, meridians, chakras and much more.

Healy is where science meets spirituality and is an amazing tool to increase your own vibrational frequency for protection, increased health & wellbeing.

Heal at Home with Healy

Healy is a high quality medical technology product that was entirely developed in Germany. It was conceived and designed in cooperation with physicians and practitioners based on their practice and experience. A seasoned team of developers and engineers, who had extensive previous experience working on the professional TimeWaver systems, faced the exciting challenge of bringing this complex technology into a compact and easy to use form.

Healy is where science meets spirituality and is an amazing tool to increase your own vibrational frequency for protection and for increased health & wellbeing.

More than 80,000 doctors, healers and therapists are using this device to treat clients and now you have the opportunity to personally use this tool for your own healing & wellbeing.

Science of Frequency Medicine

Frequencies are the language of cellular communication, the key, which opens connections and functions in the body, mind and spirit. Frequency applications have been developed over decades of research by practitioners and scientists. The safety of this method has been proven by many studies, which have been confirmed by thousands of in-practice applications. But the contemporary rise of celebrated experts in the clinical Quantum and Energy Medicine space, such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton and their Healy, have brought spiritual concepts of “energy” into the technological revolution. Healy’s frequency application delivers specific frequencies for a specific purpose–to a specific person! Put more simply, Healy communicates directly with cellular energy. It can ask cells what they need to heal and then deliver the exact frequencies cells ask for–or “resonate with”–to heal.

All Healy devices are the same it is just the amount of programs on each device that sets them apart. You simply can add more programs to your Healy at any time.

Healy offers you individual programs that can support you in the following ways:

  • Gold Cycle (energy, immunity, relaxation, release, detox, balance & being)
  • Pain / Psyche
  • Protection Programs
  • Sleep
  • Mental Balance
  • Job
  • Skin
  • Learning
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Meridians
  • Chakras
  • Bioenergetic Balance

Facts and Figures


More than 500,000 applications on clients and patients with TimeWaver and Healy technology and know-how.


TimeWaver Information Field technology has been successfully used in more than 40 countries.


More than 2,000 doctors, healing practitioners and therapists are treating their patients using TimeWaver technology.

Cell Membrane Voltage

Positive Effects of Microcurrent Treatment

Increases ATP production up to 500 %

ATP stores energy in the cells, similar to gasoline in the gas tank of a car. ATP is produced in the cell by the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the ATP-producing “power plants” in each cell of the body.

Increases protein synthesis up to 70%

Protein synthesis is the process by which proteins are formed to build cells. It means the creation of physical life, following the central blueprint which is stored as DNA in each of our cells.

Increases amino acid transport up to 40%

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein synthesis.

* Clinical Orthopaedicsand Related Research Nr. 171, November-December 1982. This animal study refers to the effects of microcurrentand the basic mechanisms on which Healy and TimeWaver Frequency programs are based. It did not include any Healy or TimeWaver systems. These results have not been confirmed by other studies so far and the transfer of the results to Healy would be speculative.

Healy Gold

715,00 SG $ incl. GST & Service Charge

Healy Hardware incl. Healy App with connection to the Heal Advisor Cloud, the program I and the program page Gold Cycle

Programs included:

  • Pure – Purification & detox from negative environmental influences, toxins and the effects of an unhealthy diet
  • Care – Immune system balance
  • Balance – Physical balance
  • Being – Emotional balance
  • Energy – Activate more energy
  • Relax – Relaxation

**These are the foundational programs and contain all 144,000 frequencies

**Plus 1 other program page of your choice for FREE

Healy Holistic Health

1.435,00 SG $incl. GST & Service Charge

Healy hardware incl. Healy App with connection to the HealAdvisor Cloud and the program pages Gold Cycle, Local Stimulation, Mental Balance, Bioenergetic Harmony 1 + 2, Skin, Sleep, Meridians 1 + 2.

All of the Healy Gold programs plus:

  • Pain/Psyche – anxiety, depression, migraine, back pain, chronic pain
  • Bio energy balance 1 + 2 -this is immune system, hormones, nerves, flexibility, joints, thyroid, cold, nerves, gastro intestinal, and much more.
  • Mental balance – This is confidence, emotional balance, compulsive behaviour, addictions, blockages, cranial stimulation.
  • Meridians- this is Chinese medicine science and deals with Allergies, Connective Tissue, Bladder, large intestine, small intestine, fatty degeneration, gall bladder joints, skin, heart, hormones, circulation, liver, lungs, lymphatic, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and organs.
  • Sleep- exhaustion, adrenals, fatigue, bed rest
  • Skin – local scarring, local wounds, acne.
Healy Holistic Health Plus

2.150,00 SG $incl. GST & Service Charge

Healy hardware incl. Healy App with more than 120 different frequency programs from 16 categories for all areas of life and connection to the Heal Advisor Cloud.

All of the Healy Gold & Healy Health programs plus:

  • Learning – Memory, concentration, exam, stress acute, stress system, learning acute through central nervous system.
  • Fitness- weight; stimulating organs that eliminate waste, muscle, circulation, performance, strength, stamina, regeneration, deep relaxation.
  • Job and sleep: mental clarity, stress, balance nerves, fatigue, exhaustion system, exhaustion acute, sleep, balanced sleep, bed rest, fine flow.
  • Beauty: inner beauty, hair, skin, aging, nails, skin elasticity, local wounds, acne, scars.
  • Chakras: energy systems
  • Protection: general protection, cell, mental, electro sensitivity, sleeping, geopath, subtle
Healy Resonance

3.585,00 SG $incl. GST & Service Charge

Healy Hardware incl. Healy Apps with Healy Holistic Health Plus and Healy Resonance with Aura and Resonance module; incl. connection to the Holistic Health Cloud.

Includes ALL PROGRAMS and gives an analyses read out of what your body specifically needs

  • Healy Holistic Health Plus(contains more than 120 programs on 16 program pages)
  • + Healy Analyse app with Resonance and Aura module gives analysis and vibrational healing

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 Healy is designed to harmonize your bioenergetic field and enhance recovery, vitality and wellbeing, not to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease. You should always seek such advice from a qualified medical professional.