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Awakening and Surrender

In the practice of awakening it is common for your experiences to seem anything but the fairytale romance you may have hoped would unfold along a spiritual journey.

Rather than being absorbed in never-ending bliss, or having the ability to respond consciously in every interaction, there is a palpable heaviness that can feel quite helpless, sometimes a lonely place that leaves you wondering without a clue as to what is going on.

As you wake up, your attachment to ego dissolves out of your energy field and as these attachments dissolve, you are suddenly unable to be fed by the things, people or events that previously defined your existence. In ego, it is quite common to unconsciously misunderstand the things that fed your identity. Waking up means that you no longer need to be fed and it can feel like you don't know how to care about the things that used to be the centre of your universe.

This is normal in the unfolding process of spiritual awakening and without a clear sense of understanding how to care for your soul in the absence of needing to be fed, it can quickly turn your reality into a bleak and lifeless desert of existential boredom resulting in a sense of unfullfillment while your next stage of Awakening has yet to be revealed.

Many people continue to avoid this crucial stage of awakening by looking for new things for the ‘spiritual ego’ to be fed by once again steering your attention away from the overwhelming despair of spiritual limbo land.

For those of you who are knee deep in the symptoms of modern day evolutionary enlightenment, yearning to break through to the other side, but without a clue as to how to care about life when nothing seems to matter, I offer you this important exercise of surrender.

Focus on your heart:
Next rest your palm above your heart in the middle of your chest, the energy centre for compassion. Notice what you feel...Relax into the sensations.

Do you sense that energy that is a deep rich love... a deep sincere compassion for humanity, a yearning for peace for yourself and others? What do you experience? It may be a warmth, comfort, a melting of tension, deep peace or joy. Don’t question or analyse it, just allow it to happen.

Surrender a problem to spirit:
While focusing on the heart, inwardly ask your higher self, your soul essence of divinity for assistance.

“My highest desire is to awaken to and as One with the Union of the Divine. I recognise that whatever experience I am having in this or any other moment is because I am committed to healing my soul and to awaken to the pure love that I AM . Every moment is perfect and a stepping stone to the infinite love and peace that I seek. What is occurring now is the answer and way to my hearts desire. I surrender my life to feeling and embracing each and every moment of emotion that arises in spacious open love” – Return to Soul

Release any attachment to the outcome by simply saying: “ Thy will, not mine, be done”.

For grace to enter your life , you must create "space'
Surrender creates the space <3
Simply let go and surrender.

In my years of Spiritual practice I have been through the 'mill' of every modality, technique, master, guru, dimension, Beings, philosophies, religions,channellings, mediums, psychics, meditation and the multitude of spiritual messages that guide each soul into its transitional journey of awakening to... the 'truth'. All of these experiences in and of themselves are a 'truth' at each LEVEL of how the mind needs to communicate and translate the message of spiritual freedom and liberation. 

After these many years of my own deepening transition of consciousness I finally came to a place of total rest and 'stopping' the need for theories , healing and/or awareness techniques and philosophies. This place transcended every single direction I have ever stepped upon and was the resting place of the one pure truth that I had been reaching for over all these years. In hindsight I can still see where my 'spiritual ego' was fixated on beliefs and personifications that had me convinced that 'this is it' this must be enlightenment... because each step took me closer to a purer truth of consciousness each time. Little did I realise that what was REAL was FAR far removed and NOTHING like all the experiences of the past., yet, each one was pointing to the truth , breaking down the layers , states and stages of consciousness and finally dissolving all fears of separation and the illusion. 

In 2004 I was shown in direct visions from source The One Truth which transcends all doing, all manifestation , all laws of attraction , all masters, dimensions and techniques. This was quite daunting for a while because it meant having to let go and give up so much 'more of the illusion' - the spiritual illusion, the continuing upward spiral of transcendence that still requires identifications , visualisations , personifications , imagery and belief systems. 

All these layers still continuing to be 'identified' with the way the mind needs to hear and translate the 'truth' of universal consciousness. In this space of final resting, in true self - realisation, all was exposed. Everything I 'thought' was IT, wasn't IT , everything that was giving me that 'taste' to keep on moving towards to experience more didn't need me to get to IT because IT was already ,always here. IT was never any where to be found, I really didn't need to look for IT in the first place....and everything that I had done over these 20 years was actually a distraction created by the trickery of the 'spiritual ego' to stop me from KNOWING this truth. 

Now, thats BIG! All that money , all those books , all that reading, all those workshops ALL of it ! could have been avoided ? - In all perfection of the evolution of universal consciousness , the journey has led to here. Today the message of cutting edge, modern day, single moment direct awakening is what I come to present and to give as an invitation to those who are ready to 'stop' and know the direct truth NOW , in this very present moment of awareness. Yes, this may be challenging and hard to swallow because of ALL that you have been 'told' in the past, but , this IS true freedom and liberation. Are you ready to experience True Awakening? The final transition ? The ultimate transmission?

Silent , Ever-present , Awakening

The journey of awakening is the experience of 'getting' a taste every now and then. And we continue to seek one more time , taste after taste. A taste when I meditate, a taste when I chant, a taste when I dance, a taste when I do yoga, a taste when I pray , a taste when I have a healing , a taste when I am in a group of spiritual people...yet every one taste ... is temporary , a moment of bliss. What is true awakening , true love , true divine bliss ... is here always , always permanent. So why do you seek for the next taste of sweet nectar when the nectar is who you are and is always present? I remember tasting , wanting more , getting more to try to 'fill up' what I believed was separate from me ......and then one night in the depth of the silent darkness ... truth revealed itself to me and I was free to be the love that I was always seeking. No gap , no taste ....just everpresent awakening.

Spiritual Emergence 

Many people today are experiencing a Spiritual Emergence . Spiritual Emergence is ultimately about surrender. This is not throwing up your hands and giving up nor it is about nihilism. In this way, we must not mistake the nature of surrender. Surrender is about leaning into, not going away from challenges that are in front of you. As humans, our nature is generally to turn and run from anything that appears to be unpleasant or threatening. And yet, as we turn and face our fears, our anxieties, and the discomfort that that brings, as we stretch out beyond our comfort zones, we begin to change and penetrate deeper into who we are as human beings and as spiritual beings.

If you are experiencing a Spiritual Emergence it is important to find a spiritual mentor or guide to assist you on your pathway. It is important to note here that sharing with a spiritual guide or mentor is very different then sharing one’s journey with many other persons and friends. This is simply because the power of this potentially transforming experience and the depth of purification and healing within it will come from “skillful containment”. In other words, holding or containing this sacred and fertile ground of experience close to you without repeatedly sharing it, will allow it to root more deeply

In our modern times, instead of village healers, holy men and shamans, in whom we can seek guidance, we have doctors, religious leaders, psychiatrists, psychologists and a vast array of therapists to try and assist us in our emotional, physical and spiritual healing. We may turn to yogis, lamas, spiritual teachers, or celebrity gurus for relief of our inner turmoil. Although most “aid” in this situation is benign, some of it can be downright harmful.

Unfortunately, not all spiritual or faith leaders can be of assistance in these times, nor all therapists or counselors.

The true guide and teacher not only have to be on the other side of their own spiritual crisis, but also must be an example of clear morality and ethics

Although a bona fide guide or spiritual teacher is important in this journey of spiritual crisis, we ourselves have to take responsibility for the attraction toward and the search for “the quick fix”. We need to truly assess the longing for someone or something that we can acquire that will be our panacea, our happy-ever-after ending. If we are honest, it is our greed and ignorance that begins to turn our search for answers and healing into a hunt for a commodity, a thing to be procured. In reality, this “hunt of the quick fix” and the acceptance of oversimplified solutions is the complete opposite of the teachings of the great spiritual leaders. Their message is that true healing is not a thing. It is not a commodity to be acquired. It is not knowledge nor is it energy to be transferred to your body and mind by the touch of a guru. It is not a weekend retreat nor a workshop but the daily awareness and reflection of our present condition in the midst of daily living, whatever our situation. It is about commitment, vigilance and ongoing immersion. It is work, work that is simple but not easy and almost impossible without an existing spiritual practice such as meditation and/or prayer and reflection.

Since the body/mind is not separated, you will most likely feel the effects of spiritual crisis on all levels of functioning: physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. You may experience turmoil in relationships with others and the world at large and/or have a total sense of abandonment. Your emotional life may be like a roller coaster at this time and move between feelings of blankness and numbness to darkness and despair. In fact, manifestations of all kinds of “symptoms” such as restlessness, sleeplessness, oversleeping, over or under eating, fatigue, irritability, mental fog, anger, melancholy, use of addictive substances and so on may occur.

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Imagine always being able to tap into an unspeakable and divine bliss and union so true and pure, that the only thing that seems relevant for the remainder of your life is to be of service to others and communicate the light of Union--through the now highly crystallized, purified unique diamond--with whomsoever wants to hear it...

The only way you will know you have achieved this, is when the mind goes totally quiet, and the Heart speaks with the grace of a trillion suns.


Only you can go through this next phase. It seems utterly lonely and scary at first, and at times. Like staring into a black hole of death and uncertainty, feeling the impending consequence of letting go of EVERYTHING you have ever known yourself to be, and EVERYTHING that you've been familiar with, and EVERYTHING that provides you with comfort.

You've reached the top of your niche in the external world, and the only way to advance more is to turn your gaze profoundly and completely within, to the One Infinite Creator that sparked you into being an individual to begin with.

This is where the river of your life meets the ocean of God.

Only the Self, only God, only Source, only the Creator, only Intelligent Infinity can help you now.

So turn your attention courageously away from the world of other-selves, and to the Infinite Creator within. It is here that you will be nourished, that your loneliness will be dispelled, that the need for understanding or friendship comes to an end. It is here that you will marry God.

If it’s under your skin, you own it - A spiritual dialogue from True Awakening 2014

Most human beings find themselves and their identities in thought. Most people think that they are who they think they are: whether their good or bad or worthy or unworthy, deserving or undeserving. These are all thoughts in the mind, and so for most human beings their identity, their sense of self is actually being generated by the mind. This is what I call the ‘false self’. It’s the sense of self that simply generated through the movement of thought and conditioning. So when we start to look at mind which is nothing but thought, we start to notice that there is thought, thought moves in the mind and the assumption is that you are your thoughts that somehow your thoughts tell you about yourself.

Thoughts happen and occur within you but the thoughts are not who you are. Thoughts do not tell you who you are and can not tell you who you are because they are just temporary movements of energy.
To be a human being is to have feelings and sensations, so there are obvious feelings and sensations running through your body right now. Your attention may be drawn to different feelings or sensations or places in your body and generally we are taught to identify with these feelings …so if anger arises we say to ourselves “ I – am angry” . As if I and anger where son ominous, where the same thing. If were happy we say I – am happy or if you are hot or cold we say “ I am hot...or cold” and so we associate ourself with these feelings

And so obviously feelings present themselves but we are not our feelings, feelings happen within us. We also find that human minds have beliefs, an array of beliefs about who we are, beliefs about others, the world, what’s right or wrong, good or bad, how things could or should be , an almost infinite variety that float through our minds as conditioned patterns.

We have been taught to associate with the various beliefs within the mind. To the point where we actually become to identify with the beliefs. We will say “ I – am a Buddhist, a Christian, a democrat , a healer, think this – believe that therefore we start to identify and derive our identities through what we believe and disbelieve and yet through investigation , in a willingness to look again and look closer , to look more deeply at this moment we can see that all beliefs are just conditioning of the mind taught to us by our family, peers, community, culture and religions.

A belief does not define you or the world or others.
And so, while the mind derives its identity through belief, in truth, belief is just a pattern of conditioning that flows through the mind.
And then we look at the entirety of our ego and personalities. Every single human has a unique way in which spirit manifests as a human being. A personality is nothing more than a mask that we wear...And sadly most human beings are closely identified with the mask of their personality structure, they think they are their personalities. And this leads to a sense of separation, to a sense of isolation eventually, but when we see the thing we call personality belongs to the body and the mind.

The True Self – the Soul , knows itself only us infinite love, freedom and eternal joyfulness. When you have a reaction to something that is occurring from the manifested world of relativity ask yourself “Is this true” ? Am I really the one who is a victim of the world or am I a Soul having a human experience in order to ‘awaken’ to my true identity instead of my conditioned identity. If it arises in your body as a thought , sensation or immediately identify as a limited human with cellular memories ( DNA) that can date back as far as your childhood or womb memories... to the beginning of the time of separation from the source of all things – the Ground of Being. 

If its under YOUR skin – you OWN it as a gift of going within and self inquiring – Am I really this (a bundle of unhealed wounds) or is this a gift of Self Realisation.

When hearing this message , most people would rather deny, get angry, abandon, blame or justify and defend, but this again is just another way the ego tries to manipulate us into thinking that some one has done us wrong – in order to keep up the illusory story of separation.

Next time something occurs in your life that has you react through the action of defence or blame – go within and ask yourself “What am I feeling”. Find the emotion that says “I am feeling attacked...I am feeling unaccepted....unloved” and then follow the seeds back to where this emotion is familiar in your life, was it a year ago, 5 years ago, 20 years ago when you where at school? Was it when you where a child?

If you do this (correctly) you will find that the emotion that was triggered by your last experience has actually been there for a very very long time......most probably before you where even consciously on your ‘spiritual path” when you where first learning to identify yourself as a body, with a name, an age and gender instead of being taught that you are a radiant pure Soul on a journey of Self discovery.

Who “I truly am’ is prior to all form, all time, all worlds, all conditioning, all labels, all stories and all identifications. When you Know this as your Truth – you will be free forever. Robyn Collins 

Radical Inquiry - Disillusionment

Self inquiry allows us to investigate deep into the layers of the subconscious mind that separates us from the source of our being. It is a journey of ceaseless unfolding on the pathway of awakening given to us as a gift for self realisation and ultimate freedom.

Disillusionment rises from the mind of that holds expectations that life, something or someone has the answers for you and outside of you rather than from within your Self. Expectations and needs for answers to come from ‘another’ can then turn into fixation , fear, holding and grasping , resulting in judgment, projection, and blame.

Projection of ‘failure’ towards others then creates a new experience of separation and once again the ego has won its power back over the mind and all that has been learnt falls away in an instant.

Self inquiry is self reflection on the inner turmoil, judgment and chaos occurring within that is being spewed up, vomited and projected as blame and failure upon another.

There are two ways in which the jewel of disillusionment can be played out:

  1. Non responsible – Projected as blame, anger, hurt, resentment, and unforgiveness
  2. Self responsible – Healing the original cause of ‘separation’ that created the souls contract of learning through the experience of disillusionment in the first place.

The ultimate reality and truth to healing through any process of unconscious separation of FORGIVENESS

Until we can forgive, can we understand the reality of existence itself. All of the talk about being ‘spiritual’ falls insignificant and is of itself the real ‘disillusionment’. Without full attention on forgiveness and healing , excuses are just mere bypasses that the ego will continue to use to blame rather that to take responsibility for the incredible gift of love and wisdom laid before us to see.

The Truth

What is the Truth - Really?

The word “Truth” means that which is Real

That which is “Real” means that which is “Permanent”

That which is “Permanent” means that which remains the same

The only thing that ever remains the same is Silent Conscious Awareness

The Truth can not be found in a word , the word is just the pointer to the wordless Truth.
The Truth can not be found in a religion because all religions are just words interpreted by the minds of man.

The truth can not be found in the content of form but in the emptiness of the formless. You can not go there because it is already here. You can not bring it to you because it has never left.

It can not be found in a modality or practice because they are movement in the the unmoving stillness.

You will not find it in a single thought .... but you will know it in when you rest your awareness beneath the stream of thoughts.

It is what sees these words on the screen, but it is not the eyes. It is what is aware that the eyes belong to the body...but it is not the body. It is aware that the body arises and one day dies, yet IT lives forever.

It is the witnessing observer of the cosmos yet it is Nothing in which the entire existence arises from....and eventually falls back into.

It is consciousness , becoming conscious of itself through everything. It is the ground of Being - Our True Nature - Robyn Collins

Instant Enlightenment 

The spiritual journey always begins with 4 basic questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What do I want?
How do I get there?

When we question these 4 things the soul gets it first glimpse and opportunity to finally break through and begin to shine. The soul becomes excited with joy that we have finally begun to awaken and ask the right questions in life rather than remaining locked in the background, sitting and waiting so patiently for the moment to arise after lifetimes of seeking. Most often on the journey of awakening we experience very deep feelings that the mind interprets as sadness and loss. We often experience deep heart break and shattering moments which brings us to our knees in sobbing tears and a sense of surrender and humility.

Once again, the mind interprets this as something going wrong or a belief of failure or exhaustion. The good news is, next time you have one of these heartaches, instead of interpreting it as helplessness or grief, change your belief into “This is my soul crying tears of celebration because this is a moment of letting go of old patterns and beliefs and transforming into my Truth as a universal conscious being”. You could also translate it as the Ego screaming in the fear and pain of its own death because it soon will have NO control over you!

The part of you that has separated from its True Nature (Soul) IS your Ego. When you begin to awaken you finally realise that who you have been trained to think you are isn’t who you really are and it isn’t bringing you the joy and peace that each and every being desires for. Who you are is Pure BEing, a pure free soul whose essence is Only Love and Infinite Peace.

When the mind starts to ask these questions about itself and life, the soul takes a deep breath of excitement and relief. This is felt physically within ones own being when that mysteries sense of inquisitiveness , touch of excitement and energy is felt as the driving impulse to reach out and seek more understanding about the ‘self’ that no longer accepts the its past definitions, identifications and limitations that it once believed itself to be.

The impulse to find out the truth of who we are comes from the inherent desire of every being wanting a life that is free from struggles and suffering into a life that flows from the true sense of freedom, liberation, peace, harmony, happiness and love. The impulse is also the driving force and passion that keeps us soldiering on the many pathways to finally get there! This driving passion to ‘know’ is fuelled by the excitement and celebration of the awesome and amazing power of the Cosmic Soul and the purpose of life and awakening.

Let’s break these 3 questions down a bit more.

Who am I?

We believe that we are a body and mind that is controlled by our thoughts, emotions, physicality and spiritual beliefs. This is taught to us by our family, community, cultural, biological, religious and psychological conditioning from over countless years, generations and lifetimes of time and history. Our thoughts tell stories of who and what ‘others’ should be, shouldn’t be, can or can’t do. When we believe these thoughts we instantly go into analysing, comparing and judging life which causes us to suffer. The Soul is neither the mind nor the thoughts that arise within the mind. Our Soul is the empty, silent, free and purest state of consciousness.

The Soul is a part of the first expression of creation therefore it is the highest and most subtle vibrational form of spirit. It is only the thoughts of the mind (Ego) that interprets, defines and identifies ALL forms of existence and constantly argues with the simple Truth of ‘what is”. Our thoughts turn into emotions and then our emotions send us on a merry-go-round of feelings of love, sadness, joy, fear, happiness, guilt, up and down everyday, day in and day out. Everyone, even those who we ‘say’ don’t experience down emotions because they ‘pretend’ to be someone special and proclaim that they are always filled with love and light – are not speaking their truth. The reason this is, is because it is impossible for humans not to feel pain and emotions. These are part of the human condition of survival. Thoughts, Feelings and emotions are warnings and signs of safety. The feeling of love is the sense of safety, nurturing and security whereas feeling of fear are warnings and signs for attack and need for security away from harm. The nature state of all human existence is for safety and survival as a species.

Therefore, all thoughts and emotions are OK! The issue of freedom and peace is not about changing or making our thoughts “pure” and only having feelings of “love and light”: It is about the attachment and fixation we have by holding onto thoughts and emotions. All form, time, objects, physicality, thoughts and emotions belong to the Human Condition Only which is also called the “Illusion”. ALL of these things are temporary expressions of consciousness in form; they come and go, live and die but never remain permanently. And here lies the problem...we, as humans are always seeking permanency in a world that can never ever give it to us. We chase for permanent love, peace and happiness but we are looking for it in the wrong place. The only place where permanent love, bliss and happiness exists is with the original state of consciousness itself! And in order to receive that eternal essence of freedom is to “Wake up” from the world of the illusion. And that’s where we begin to understand:

Why am I here?

You are here to awaken from the beliefs of who you think you are to the Truth of who you Really are. You have heard it are not your Body or are Spirit/ Soul having a human experience. You are here as consciousness (Pure Being - Spirit/Soul) becoming conscious of itself. And all of life is a reflection to show you who it is, that you are NOT. Pure Being is NOT thoughts, Pure Being is NOT emotions, Pure Being is NOT a name or an image. Pure Being (The essence of Soul) is empty, transparent, absolute no-thing-ness...who’s first expression of energy is formed as light and love. We awaken first to knowing (theories and learning) , then to experiencing (through modalities and techniques) and then BEing the pure essence of Soul by diving into the silent depths of consciousness and letting go of the safety of thoughts an concepts, into the safety of the Absolute Ground of Being.

When we achieve this, we are complete, fulfilled, liberated and ONE with all of the purpose of existence and the divine plan. Here, we live life to its fullest. Here we taste, feel and breathe every part of life that IS the same play of consciousness as we are...and there is no separation. Here, we no longer seek, because we have found the Truth and we are enlightened (which means lighted up from the heaviness of the play of the human condition).

What do I want?

When I ask this question to my students the answer is always peace, happiness or eternal love. Why? Because this is the true nature and qualities of the Pure Being. Every human being wants peace, happiness and eternal love, which means everyone wants to reconnect to their Soul. Human beings seek the soul’s qualities (unconsciously) everyday of their life. And that seeking comes in SO many forms. It is desired by the millionaire, the writer, the homeless, the businessman, the parent, the nurse, the drug addict, the lover, the musician, the politician, the sportsman, the gambler, the model, the spiritual seeker and the list goes on...the whole of humanity is on the quest to awaken and no one is left out. Everyone is searching for the ultimate feeling of happiness, everyone is doing whatever they can just to get a glimpse or a moments rush of ecstatic bliss.

Awakening occurs for everyone not just those on the ‘spiritual’ path. It is experienced through moments of beauty, innocence, love and joy...through looking into the eyes of a new born child or the moments of awe as we look out upon the ocean or mountains. It is experienced through the senses of the body everyday through sound, movement, sight, touch and taste. It is experienced for a moment or two...but eventually it fades away and once again we are off doing whatever we can to get the moment of ‘bliss’ back again. We continue to learn techniques, theories and modalities in a never-ending seeking of ‘getting there”. We will dance more, sing more, eat more or even take the ‘drug’ one more time, just to get it back again. Spiritual seeking, just like anything in life creates trauma on the nervous system of the body because we have moments of highs and then losses. We get a ‘taste’ of love and light and then when that leaves the body interprets it an end...a little death. Therefore, because we are constantly experiencing little deaths we are also in a state of constant ‘spiritual crises’. Awakening requires us to ‘die the death of the ego...before we die” – in order to be free to experience the gift of it is.

How do I get there?


Stop doing all the things you are ‘doing’ and sit with your Soul who’s essence is silent consciousness. How? By sitting and being still. You will only awaken from the illusion when you let go of ALL of your attachment to it. You MUST take the entire story about who you think you are, from your past conditioning and totally discard it. When you do this you will find that what is who you are. You must let go of all thoughts, beliefs concepts, images and hopes about who you think you are and what life is about and enter into the perfect stillness, perfect emptiness and perfect silence of your Soul. When you experience this core of stillness and you awaken to the ground of your own Being you will finally be able to let go of the ‘things’ of life that have kept you comfortable and safe and dive deeper beyond the insecurity that is the mind where you will fall into the abyss of the True safety of the ocean of universal Love. The more you let go...the better you will feel. To awaken, you must let go of all the concepts and ideas of yourself as a human being of form and abide in primordial consciousness.

How do I do this?

By entering into deep states of meditation you will discover the infinite depth of your true self – it is in this state that thoughts will move into the background and eventually disappear. When awareness of thought disappears, so too do the objects of time, physicality and the world. When all these things disappear, what remains is your true self – your pure being. You will realize that this part of the ‘self’ is always here, beneath the movement of life, it is the deepest foundation of your own being, eternal, timeless and formless. By falling out of relationship with all things that arise in consciousness….you are eternally free and awake.

The Love Revolution 

From an unfolding journey of self realisation over the past 22 years, the voice for reason of Truth urged to push on to more. I have been " automatic writing" for 18 years and only verbally channelled messages in private sessions but never public.

The driving force of consciousness relentless in its desire and passion to be heard for its deep care for itself awakening amongst the droves of humanity once again continued to push me for weeks to stop and listen to its message and to start making its voice heard.

I watched for weeks how easily distracted I was by social media and life getting frustrated by my inability to stop , just for a moment and listen to what I knew was going to be an important part of not only my development but for those who read or hear the words.

I churned inside at not being able to ‘get out’ of the house and get into nature where I new I could listen but the opportunity would never come. In a final moment of screaming surrender I picked up a book and gave my self to the voice within which finally set my frustration free.

I once again remembered the conversation that was forever on our lips about how can we bring conscious awakening into the homes of a modern world and culture because we are time poor and unable to access the sacred space once required to bring through spiritual messages like the generations before us.

So, in the silence of my a modern loungeroom, flat screen TV , surround sound system , recliner chairs , neighbors chatting, dogs barking and traffic passing continuous throughout the day the spirit of divine consciousness returned.

The communication is a direct channel of consciousness. To give the channelled message a label, image or name fades into insignificance to its level of purity. Therefore it is only the direct message universal Love

This communication is from that place that is the observer, the seer, consciousness. This place is not defined by body or form yet is translated through words to assist the human mind to understand the message.

The message is always, always going to be from this space of purity and this purity will ripple into everything spoken because it is all things spoken. It cannot be labelled or defined in its highest essence because what it is always remains the same. It is never changing – it is one being, one source , always here, always free.

You can take this into any discussion because it is the only thing that remains true. All other things are just part of its expression, experiencing itself in multitudes of form in order to bring you home Everything is created only for you to see its impermanence and to point you directly back to here, now.

This space, this purity, this divine love cannot be tainted by a thought about it. It can only be acknowledged and the experienced. It can not be taught , it must be felt.

Words are only here to direct you back to the source of its existence , the empty space where one can truly rest and be free.

Most of you will pass through all other states to return here. You will pass through the subtle layers of consciousness , through those levels of identifies and personifications required by the mind to then, finally trust and fall into the space in which all the messengers ‘speak” of.
So when you are here, there is no need for an other because the ‘other’ only exists back through the dimensional states of consciousness of content which are also perfectly created states of the pathway.

No other is required because here we rest in oneness where there is no you or me, no it or them as they have been dissolved in their own dream, where here, all is transcended. And from here we are the very essence and core of your human expression of love.

Therefore human love is what is reflective in your every being. Love is you gesture, your words, your touch , your breath and love is what your soul brings to you as the gift of a silent awakening. I say ‘silent’ as it often occurs as a tiny gap of inner knowing that is first felt as a vast empty space of freedom in a space that can not often be defined by the mind.

Love is what all dimensions of impermanent manifested content eventually falls back into therefore it is love that all dimensions of the human experience must also fall back and dissolve into. You must let your thoughts fall back into love, you must surrender your emotions back into the space of love. Love is pure consciousness and all things must fall back into this silent space for transformation and awakening to occur.

When we rest here: there is no pain , there is no story, no me, no history, no time no world , no universe – NO THING . And the breath directs and carries the silent love to the body whispering on the in breath “ I am love” and on the outbreath it descends deeply into every cell of the body whispering “ I love you” . And then the words fall away and every breath of every day in a silent prayer that emanates throughout the world.