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A True Transmission

Posted by on October 30, 2019 at 4:40 AM Comments comments ()

In my 20 years of Spiritual practice I have been through the 'mill' of every modality, technique, master, guru, dimension, Beings, philosophies, religions,channellings, mediums, psychics, meditation and the multitude of spiritual messages that guide each soul into its transitional journey of awakening to... the 'truth'. All of these experiences in and of themselves are a 'truth' at each LEVEL of how the mind needs to communicate and translate the message of spiritual freedom and liberation. After these many years of my own deepening transition of consciousness I finally came to a place of total rest and 'stopping' the need for theories , healing and/or awareness techniques and philosophies. This place transcended every single direction I have ever stepped upon and was the resting place of the one pure truth that I had been reaching for over all these years. In hindsight I can still see where my 'spiritual ego' was fixated on beliefs and personifications that had me convinced that 'this is it' this must be enlightenment... because each step took me closer to a purer truth of consciousness each time. Little did I realise that what was REAL was FAR far removed and NOTHING like all the experiences of the past., yet, each one was pointing to the truth , breaking down the layers , states and stages of consciousness and finally dissolving all fears of separation and the illusion. In 2004 I was shown in direct visions from source The One Truth which transcends all doing, all manifestation , all laws of attraction , all masters, dimensions and techniques. This was quite daunting for a while because it meant having to let go and give up so much 'more of the illusion' - the spiritual illusion, the continuing upward spiral of transcendence that still requires identifications , visualisations , personifications , imagery and belief systems.


All these layers still continuing to be 'identified' with the way the mind needs to hear and translate the 'truth' of universal consciousness. In this space of final resting, in true self - realisation, all was exposed. Everything I 'thought' was IT, wasn't IT , everything that was giving me that 'taste' to keep on moving towards to experience more didn't need me to get to IT because IT was already ,always here. IT was never any where to be found, I really didn't need to look for IT in the first place....and everything that I had done over these 20 years was actually a distraction created by the trickery of the 'spiritual ego' to stop me from KNOWING this truth. Now, thats BIG! All that money , all those books , all that reading, all those workshops ALL of it ! could have been avoided ? - In all perfection of the evolution of universal consciousness , the journey has led to here. Today the message of cutting edge, modern day, single moment direct awakening is what I come to present and to give as an invitation to those who are ready to 'stop' and know the direct truth NOW , in this very present moment of awareness. Yes, this may be challenging and hard to swallow because of ALL that you have been 'told' in the past, but , this IS true freedom and liberation. Are you ready to experience True Awakening? The final transition ? The ultimate transmission? Join the amazing group of 20 participants travelling to Ubud Bali and sharing a sacred journey back to the core of their divinity through Presence, Silence, Ritual, Inquiry and Meditation...the Souls ulitmate discovery of Truth ...the end of all seeking