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About Robyn:

Robyn Collins BAppSocSc.(Counselling) , BMsc.(Ministry) is a self realised spiritual mentor whose assists humanity in the simple discovery of Presence and Awakening

Robyn is the author of “Return to Soul' creator of The Awakening Process - The Inana System - I AM Presence - Primordial Meditation and producer of “Sacred Soul CD’s”. She is an Australian and international spiritual seminar and retreat facilitator , professional psychotherapist and inspired Soul Psychologist ( Soul Centred Therapy/ Minister) . Robyn has been playfully labelled by her community of students and friends as the “Soul Whisperer”.  She received this due to her ability to deeply penetrate the core of the souls Being through direct transmissions of her words and presence of pure, silent, aware, love consciousness. Robyn gentle reminds us of the truth of eternal and ever-present peace that is buried under the myriad of layers gathered by many in the search for freedom and stillness within

The word psychology comes from the Greek psukhe, meaning "soul," "spirit," "mind," "life," and "breath," combined with the Greek logos, here used as "statement," "expression," and "discourse," more often thought of today in the form of "-ology," as "the study of." Although the academic and clinical discipline of psychology has become a medical—and therefore a pathology-oriented—field, prior to the late 1800s, the study of our inner mental life was the study of our soul, our deepest self or essence. (

"Soul Psychology" is  traditionally a group or private practice of psychologists and /or therapist who are spiritually oriented psychotherapist (modern day Jungian-oriented therapist).  Once again,  the word “psyche” itself makes up the word psychology is the Greek word for soul.  Soul Psychology researchers do not believe that psychology was born in the late 1800’s in Europe. Instead they believe that psychology has been practiced around the world for thousands of years and there is much to be gained from this ancient wisdom i.e. Native American shamanism, Jewish Kabbalah, Christian mysticism, Muslim Sufi’s like Rumi, and ancient Buddhist practices like Mindfulness Meditation. They also believe in scientific progress and knowledge and when this new knowledge is combined with ancient global wisdom this creates a powerful transformative experience. 

Her participants say that “Robyn ceaselessly delivers her promise of awakening the soul by masterfully guiding you on a powerful journey of profound self realisation and enlightenment – a truly life changing, transpersonal and existential experience”.

Robyn Collins is also a professional  transpersonal counsellor  and is inspired by Christian Mysticism, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta , Kriya Yoga and Shamanism. Robyn focuses on helping people understand themselves and the programming that interferes with awakening to their true nature (as an awakened Soul) and living the life they were meant to live.

Through her books, recording, weekend intensives and international retreats, Robyn helps people live in the moment and become more aware of the ego and other programming that interferes with awakening to one’s true nature.

Robyn deeply commited to helping others break through to the profound innerpeace of living in Presence. Her teachings invite seekers to learn how to stop, inquire, and identify the simple and true nature of the Soul that is at the core of all existence through Meditative practices and theory. Experience clarity, meaning & healing in your life or simply expand your practice to reach deeper levels of conscious awakening, inner peace and freedom through her retreats, discourses and private meetings

Robyn Collins BAppSocSc. Counselling Psychology/Transpersonal Psychotherapy. BMSc. Ministry. Author. Robyn's unique approach to workshop training, coaching and counseling individuals, couples and families is built on a broad foundation of training from traditional approaches of Western Developmental Psychology & Eastern philosophies. Her use of contemporary therapies such as Mindfulness, Existential Psychotherapy , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Self Actualisation and Transpersonal approaches of Spiritual Soul Centred Psychology and Energy Medicine (Reiki) allows for deep and rapid transformation restoring health , wellness and self empowerment. Training: Australian College of Applied Psychology - Monash University. ACA member and NDIS provider. Robyn also specialises in Grief & Bereavement, Crisis & Trauma, Suicide Prevention/Intervention and Domestic Violence Prevention.

More about Robyn's Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Leading the ordinary life of an Australian suburban mother, Robyn Collins never expected to experience the sudden death of her newborn baby and the depth of grief and depression that followed. Nor did she ever imagine that it would precipitate a journey of awakening, traversing both ancient eastern philosophies and western positive psychology.

Robyn’s tireless search for answers to the big questions we all face – Why? What is it all for and who am I? – led her through a variety of meditation techniques and self-realisation practices. To her surprise she found that her spiritual freedom and fulfilment lies not in complicated concepts and philosophies, but somewhere much simpler and more accessible. In Return to Soul Robyn shares her personal story, the journey of communication and guidance from the spirit of her daughter and the insights from this essential discovery, and invites each of us to return to the truth and purpose of our Soul.

The search for truth led her through years of intensive study. This included world religions, philosophy, psychology, holistic practices, transpersonal therapy and inquiry. In 2007 after intense commitment and training in the teachings of meditation and self realisation her prayers for awakening and longing for spiritual freedom and fulfilment came after the universe responded to her questioning through the experience of an extended and altered state of reality. (OBE) 

In a split second Robyn found herself floating formlessly in space looking out upon the totality of creation as a universal Being. She was able to see and sense the Souls Journey from the first moment of birth from the Ground of Being into the entire existence of life. The guidance she received is the unique message of each and every soul and the purpose of life from the greater cosmic intelligence.

The message is not personalised to one specific human condition but to the ONE SOUL of entire existence that is the consciousness of EVERY Being. Return to Soul is an evolutionary spiritual connection that for many has ended all “seeking", leaving them with a true feeling of spiritual wholeness, liberation and freedom. The message is an invitation and guidance to awakening through a direct connection with the soul’s pure state of consciousness giving the sense of returning 'home' to the place of bliss and eternal love".


  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling) 2013 fron The Australian Colledge of Applied Psychology Sydney Australia
  • Specialisation: Crisis and Trauma, Drug , Alcohol and other drugs, Family and Relationship Counselling  , Grief & Bereavement, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and Existential Counselling

The Australian College of Applied Psychology - Sydney

  • Face to face therapeutic counselling and group work facilitation with clinical supervision – 8 years
  • Private Counselling business – 1994 current
  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, USA  – (Ministry & Pastoral Care) 
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Perforamance Training - Monash University
  • Lifeline -  Six month basic training – Riverina Community Services Young
  • Compassionate Friends - Mental Health Awareness Program - Training  Year 11 in schools  - Riverina NSW
  • Grief & Bereavement  – Mal McKissock – Riverina NSW
  • Salvation Army – OASIS introduction training program for Homeless – Central Coast
  • Narconon International - Drug Rehabilitation training program - Sydney
  • Interrelate Family Centres – Working well with stepfamilies – Central Coast (workshop)
  • Ricky Hunter & Associates – Project plan to Empowerment - Sydney ( Domestic Violence workshop)


  • Group facilitator of  Mindfulness & Self Awareness

             Central Coast Community Woman’s Health Centre.

             Kariong Neighbourhood Centre – Central Coast

             Chertsey Community Centre – Central Coast

  • Central Coast Men’s Shed Cluster – Community & Family Violence Prevention Project

             C.O.P.E Mindfulness Program for Men 2011/2012                                                                                                 

  • Group facilitator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction weekly classes 2008 - 2011

             Gosford Shire Council – Peninsula Leisure Centre ( 3 years)

  • Group facilitator of Sound, Meditation & Movement session 2010– 2012

             A Quest for Life – Petrea King,

  • The Clearing – Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Centre Woy Woy 2009 – Current
  • Private Counselling & Psychotherapy  - Woman, Men, Adolescence, Children         
  • Mindfulness Conferences
  • Retreat facilitation


  • Gosford Shire Council – Peninsula Australia Day events co-ordinator (2010-2012)
  • Central Coast Men’s Interagency & Men’s Shed Cluster
  • Central Coast Community Woman’s Health Centre Wyoming NSW
  • Quest for Life Foundation – Petrea King , Bundanoon NSW
  • Cancer Support Group , Guest Speaker on Holistic & Mindfulness Based Therapy  – Gosford
  • Chertsey Community Cottage – Springfield, Gosford. Group work , case work,  private , child, youth, Woman , Men and relationship counselling 

NDIS provider no. 4050033744

Australian Counselling Association no. 11416